Bo's in Little Rock

For all of you who have asked (and asked and asked …)

That means I’ll be back on the radio in my hometown as of this afternoon. I grew up at 1821 Fair Park Blvd., and could walk to Ray Winder Field, War Memorial Stadium and what we called Fair Park Golf Course. Lots of great memories at all three of those places for me. Of course, I’m a Little Rock Central Tiger. Earned golf letters for the Tigers. I’m not saying I was great, but I loved playing for the school that four generations of Henrys attended. I’m glad Bo’s back on in Little Rock.

I have been listening to Bo on FM 93.7 for a while now. My house address is a Little Rick address.

Great news…That 93.7 channel was not strong enough. I would drive down Cantrell, and when I went past Schickel’s Town Center it would just fade away.

We central Arkansas Hog fans have been missing out the past months.

Clay, do Tiger Bait and Tim from Little Rock still call? Tiger Bait was insufferable, but I thought Tim was funny in his own dark way.