Bo's Hog Pod remembers Hogs' move to the SEC 30 years ago

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Hogs move to SEC 30 years ago

I was on the Gazette sports desk that afternoon when this story broke. I was lobbying for it to be on the main front page, not the sports page. I knew this was going to be a huge deal and end 70+ years in the SWC; if your average Hog gamer was worth Page One, this definitely was. I don’t think the news guys bought my argument (memory from 30 years back being a tiny bit shaky), but it sure led the sports section if they didn’t.

The decline & demise of the SWC was inevitable so the Arkansas move to the SEC was a great accomplishment for Broyles to pull off. The money was better, it should have helped our recruiting, game attendance improved, & we were no longer the odd man out in an all TX conference where we played only 1 or 2 big games per year. In the SEC every game is big & usually against another state rival.

It was understood that the SEC believed ut & aTm would follow Arkansas to the SEC which would have been a television & revenue windfall for the conference. However, ut did not want to be an equal in the SEC plus believed that playing other SEC teams would open the door for TX recruits to go elsewhere.

In retrospect, Arkansas move to the SEC 30 yrs was an opportunity that would unlikely present itself today.