Borderline erotic

I love the overreaction every year of the national pundits. A bad Texas team beats a worse Notre Dame team in the first game, and everyone is falling all over themselves to tell us that Texas is back. After all, both teams are stacked with 5 stars. Same goes for USC, LSU, and UCLA.

Meanwhile, teams like Washington, Utah, San Diego State, and Boise State are legit.

Coaching matters and recruiting rankings means very little if you can’t develope players.

By gawd, Amen, Aaaaamen, woopigs! You got that right.

Texas has gotten worse every week this year. And you are right about Notre Dame. Not a true test of anything.

I surely agree with your assessment of the national media and pollsters’ actions early every year. Romance is a wonderful thing, and that is what the relationship between the media and the “usual suspects” that come back in the top ten or fifteen every year. Choosing the darlings early every year is good for media ratings, TV and print. They have the 100,000 + stadiums and multi million populated states, providing them with viewers and readers.

A question about your last sentence. As a Razorback fan, would you rather have a class made up of 50% to 75% four and five star recruits or the predominately three star recruit classes we get every year. Pretty obvious to me.

Seems to be working most years for Bama, Ohio St, Clemson, Fla St, LSU, and OU. Of course they can’t all win the NC every year, but most years each wins 10 to 12 games almost every year.

Coaching matters obviously, but so does talent.

I don’t think OU fans or LSU fans would agree with your assessment. The other teams you mentioned Bama and Ohio state may have the two best coaches in the game.

There is no explaining the Houstons and Washingtons of the world with that line of thinking. Note that those two teams (Houston and Washington) also have very good coaches, coaches that can identify and develope talent. I doubt they look at Rivals to see how many stars a player has before offering.

Identifing and recruiting talented players is not as easy as looking at Scout rankings and offering the top of the list. Recruiting 5 stars and not developing them is also a problem. Ask Les Miles his thoughts on that subject.

I feel like I could talk all day on this topic, but I’ll spare us all.

Yes, coaching matters and not all 5 stars are really 5 stars if they can’t be coached and not all 3 stars are really 3 stars if they can be coached. That’s why we play the game.

Trust me, to win a NC, you gotta have BOTH…coaching AND talent…we’ve got above average for both, but not to the level to win a NC…YET!!!