Borderline Erotic, Part Deux

Someone had to say it…



I did in the game thread. First thing I thought when I saw Hornsby take a knee.

By far the best line from Bielema in five years here.


Just walked into the door from the Dallas Watch party…said it to my group while watching that last drive. This game was very much like that one, but this is a better Arkansas team.

We’re not “there” yet, but we’re improving.

And - oh - what a night to have major recruiting targets from multiple sports at the game. I’m sure the partying will go on until the early morning hours. We may not sign them all, but they’ve seem about the best we have to offer tonight.

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Absolutely. Recruiting got a big boost tonight. The place was packed. They announced something like 74,000. That tells me that’s about the most the place can hold.

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Listed capacity is 76,212. Maybe 74K is the number of scanned tickets.

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I bet that’s exactly what it was. I know attendance used to include everyone in the stadium, ticketed or not. I don’t think they do that now.

Watching on TV I couldn’t see an empty seat anywhere. Even the few rows at the top of the SEZ were full. Looked like there were people standing in the NE corner above the seats.

Obviously I have no idea what the indoor areas looked like.

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Back in the day, if it was a sellout they’d have listed 76,212, plus a few hundred for media and cops and ushers and everybody else. Which is probably what they did for the Bama game in 2010.
Truth be told, in my time on the stat crew the last three digits of the attendance were usually somebody’s birthday, which left me out because my birthday month and date is four digits.

I suspect that was in fact the largest crowd ever in RRS. It holds more than it did before the NEZ was built even without those temporary bleachers atop the SEZ.

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Tess may have been right that this was actually a record crowd, but the number, if his 74K is accurate, is considerably less than we have listed for several previous games.

Yeah. We just started using a different counting system. I don’t know if they fixed it, but I know for a while the scanners missed some tickets.

Largest listed crowds before tonight, from the media guide:

  1. Alabama Sept. 25, 2010 76,808
  2. Tennessee Nov. 11, 2006 76,728
  3. Southern California Sept. 2, 2006 76,564
  4. Texas Sept. 11, 2004 75,671
  5. Alabama Oct. 8, 2016 75,459
  6. LSU Nov. 12, 2016 75,156
  7. Alabama Sept. 23, 2006 74,687
  8. Alabama Sept. 15, 2012 74,617
  9. Florida Nov. 5, 2016 74,432
  10. Georgia Sept. 19, 2009 74,210

It was a very impressive crowd on tv. I can tell you that for sure.

My favorite is “going home and hop on the wife”.


That was hilarious

There used to be more seats on top of SEZ that allowed a listed capacity of 72k actually reach 76.

As listed capacity is now 76 with the new NEZ, if we had the bigger bleachers we could hit 80k

But they can’t put them there anymore because of the second Jumbotron

And by the way…

There was nothing borderline about it…


Anyone know what the attendee was?

It had to beat the 2010 Bama game

How many seats were in those temp bleachers? I figured somewhere between 2000 and 2500.

I haven’t been up there since the scoreboard was installed. I assumed there was still enough room to put a few temporary bleachers there, especially in the corners. However, that might not be correct.

And you’re right: it wasn’t borderline :grin:

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such an awesome Game…got it taped where I can watch it over and over!


Here’s the crowd, if this will open:

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Live stats do not include the attendance yet and the final box score has not been posted.