Boomer Sooner!

I hope OU can do what it does against Bama. I’d so love for Bama to get beat today, especially by OU.

Can’t see t happpening. Bama will look like the most dominant offense against that defense, or lack there of, by Oklahoma.

I don’t want Oklahoma to win, simply because I dislike them so much.

However, I hope Bama loses big!! Especially considering what the Tiggers did to Purdue. Bama would come home with a taste of crow in its mouth, and Auburnites would make sure they heard about it each day until the next Iron Bowl. Ha!


Sounds like your perfect scenario is a Bummer win this weekend and a big loss on January 7. I could go for that as well, unless ND is the opponent.

I can’t stand either team. To many arogent fans on both sides

This is a very interesting matchup between two teams I don’t like. I like Dan Enos and Nick Saban, so I guess I will pull for Alabama.

How healthy is Tua? He had ankle surgery a few weeks ago. If he isn’t good, it will make a huge difference.

SEC deciding factor for me. Only SEC I root against is Auburn…oh well

I want them to tie and play so many OT’s they give up due to exhaustion.

Tua has been rehabbing the ankle, but is not going to have surgery until the season ends.

I’m going for Bama. I support SEC teams in bowl games, except for Missouri and a&m depending on who they play.

I will go with Jhawg on this. I too like Enos and Saban. Curious if Mortensen is still on Bama staff. Gotta love the OU head coach. though! Anyone whose hometown is Muleshoe has to be OK!

No thanks, I lived among the land grabbers for too long. I dislike them and their self-entitled fans and athletes. (BTW, that applies to the gymnasts too. I’m preparing to be at the opening meet early so I can get up high to see over them. They always stand in front of the fans for the floor ex, instead of between floor ex and beam like everyone else does.)

A Bama win means an SEC win in the $$$$ department. Always good to have a conference team in the final game. Hogs get a piece of that payout.

Have to root for the SEC team in a venue like this. Actually I can’t think of any other situations where I would root for Okla anyway.