Boom goes the dynamite!!

Franklin youdaman!!

23 ribbies in 20 games. Not bad in the 9 hole. Then HK goes deep too.

Y’all have a link to the meme with HK pushing the Texas player over?

Franklin has been the biggest surprise of all all we heard was how great he was on defense but he has got a very good stroke and a very good eye

Score update?

10-0 Hogs bottom third

10-zip, bottom 3rd
Goodheart RBI single, Franklin with the salami, Kjerstad with solo shot, Nesbit 2-run double, Martin 2-run single

I’m sitting at work listening to audio through the Gameday app, since I can’t get Bevonet.

11-0 on wild pitch :lol: :lol:

Well the bats have come alive! Save a few big hits for tomorrow!
Wicklander is pitching well too!

Well it’s an absolute beauty to behold

And I must confess the LHN announcers are very complimentary of us and not particularly offensive

Now 11-0, bottom 4th, Ezell scored on wild pitch

Wicklander wasnt as Sharp after that long inning he started missing a lot of picthes but he got shafted and should have struck out that guy who got the double then the next guy hit the homerun he shouldn’t have given up anything but he hasn’t been a sharp with his control

The calls will not favor the hogs! Just keep tacking on runs. That looked like a strike to me.

Yeah just got to keep on swinging the bat can’t let up there only a couple runs more from getting really back into it

A little offensive explosion early and go to sleep with bats isn’t what the hogs need.
But at least we have seen them jump out early.

11 runs is a bit more than a “little explosion”.

A thing of beauty…