Boom goes the dynamite!!

Way to go Carson!!!

He crushed that. Loved the bat drop

And you were a day late on Koch breaking his slump.

Guessin DVH was all good with Shaddy’s celebration…even in 1st inning.

That HR was huge in so many ways. First the size of the blow itself, & second, for the 5 run lead it gave us.

Game is far from over, but I think we’ll get some more runs. I sure love the start. Still nervous, but this is a better start than I could’ve hoped for in my wildest dreams.

I smiled at CS self-deprecating humor post game Saturday. interviewer asked him if he thought he had a GS when it left his bat. He said, yeah, but apparently he just doesn’t have the pop for HR power anymore. In addition to an outstanding baseball player, he’s a great young man!