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Obviously, I’m looking for retirement projects. My passion is writing. I need outlets. I’m probably going to write several books and self publish them. Which book should I write first that would be of most interest:

1 - What it was like growing up in Orville Henry’s home. I think I can write 150 to 180 pages on that without research. I’ve had a literary agent already express interest in that book. Might not take more than a couple of weeks to write. I am a prolific writer and fast typist. There are some cool stories about how my dad grew up caddying at War Memorial Park Golf course and his days as a youth, including as an Eagle Scout. I have all of his childhood documents, including Eagle Scout sash and report cards. I have his first story written in the paper about being a caddie. And, I have his letters and an unbelievable box of whatever he felt important. There are complaint letters and letters of praise from all across the country (some from fans, some from the subjects of his columns). He saved them all.

2 - The bigger than life characters I’ve covered in 50 years in the business. I’d write a chapter on each one: Frank Broyles, Nolan Richardson, John McDonnell, Eddie Sutton, Jimmy Johnson, Loyd Phillips, Matt Jones, Quinn Grovey, Bill Montgomery, Louis Campbell, Barry Switzer, Paul Eells, Bobby Petrino, Bud Campbell, etc. This might take me a little longer, but I’m not talking about interviews, just writing how I knew them and what it was like to hang out with them as both friends and writing about them. If you can think of someone I should include in that list, it could probably grow.

There may be more books that I do. But I’m far enough along on these two concepts that I’m ready to do outlines and start writing. I’m just curious as to which I should do first. I’ve been told by multiple outlets that they will market them to Razorback fans. So I don’t think the part I feared most – having to do big book signings – would be the avenue to sell them (like in out of the back of my truck).

Obviously, I can update the book my dad and Jim Bailey wrote. I found a folder with all of the photos this week while looking for something he’d written on Pleasant Valley to go with a coffee table book Harry King is preparing for the club.


Both of those please.

I would love to read about trout fishing. How you got started, your trips, memories etc


I moved out of Arkansas in 1958 but I personally would like book two first.
I read your dad for years and would also like book one.

Good luck

That would be the easiest book to write, but probably is a small niche and I might sell only 10. Ha. Might sell only one, to you.

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I love both ideas. Why do only one?

(If I had to pick only one, I would pick #2.)

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I expressed it wrong. I’ll do both, probably several others, too. Which one should I do first? You answered that.

I would enjoy both of those.

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I’d prefer to read the one on your dad, first. While you might sell more on the Hog leaders, I prefer Bio’s and historical accounts. Most of us already know a lot about Razorback athletics.

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I think I would start Book 2 first. The memories of your Dad will stay with you longer and you will always be able to write it. Book 2 sounds like a lil tougher project so I think I would tackle it first. Then writing the OH book might be a nice respite after writing book 2. And writing book 2 might refresh a few thing you would want to put in the OH book.

But remember you are retired! Don’t go bat**** crazy writing books right off. Enjoy yourself and your family.

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Both of those would be awesome Books Clay but of those two I would write about your life experiences with your dad first because IMO nothing is more important than your relationships with your family. But either one would be a great Book


Book one 1st is my vote. But both will be purchased by me. My best friend wrote a self published book about an old family feud that resulted in a great, great uncle being killed. I was blessed to proofread it and be mentioned in the credits. I have so much respect for writers like you and Bob. Can’t wait Clay.

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The most intriguing singular topic, with a narrow focus, would be the amazing relationships for both your father and you, with both coach Broyles and Coach Richardson. That could almost be a book by itself.

Two of the greatest men in Razorback history, who clearly disliked each other, yet you and your father become great friends of both men. I’ll never forget when you wrote that your Dad requested Nolan to speak at his funeral. That story would certainly make a great couple chapters, if not a book (or a movie!).

I don’t know which, of the 2 books you listed above would best fit this story.


Lose the Fear


Can I go ahead and place my preorder now! I will pay now if need be.

I don’t know which should be first. I think the second might sell a few more because the men you write about are known far greater than AR. The OH story is more of an AR story. Of course, it might sell to nearly every household in AR and at least one in CO. No, two for sure.

I think you might be surprised about how well the fishing book would sell, especially if it was something like what fly fishing has done for me or some such and filled with funny stories including riding JD to Hart Lake with Stan. Put me down for a preorder on that one as well.

Each author approaches writings novels differently, but I will pass along what CJ Box says when asked about it. He says he will do a chapter or scene and then go fly fishing on the N Platte. I bet you could have a schedule similar to that. Oh yes, if you notice, he always has one of his characters (often Joe Pickett) fly fishing some place in the book.

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Both sound like books that I would love to read. Especially, the first one.

If you write it, they will come. Such a wonderful talent to have, being able to write a narrative that draws people in. Getting enough details to accurately paint a picture while being succinct.

#2 for me, for sure.

People Will Come for both topics. Barry, Frank, Bobby, mercy what a product.

I’ve said all along Clay write some books. But then again I’m sure that’s crossed your mind way before me saying anything…

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The OH/Jim Bailey book does need to be updated. I would buy that one too.


That one will wait for something special. It should not be updated until a great season. You could do it now and sell a few copies. But after a great season, it would appeal to many more. My dad explained that in clear terms. Most who have one are not jumping out for another with the stuff that’s happened last 15 years.