It seems to me that what OP is advocating is a clause that you would get docked a month’s pay, for instance, if your area of responsibility was deemed to be inadequate.

No coach worth his salt would sign a contract like that, by the way. I wouldn’t either.

It’s really simple. Here’s how coaches are held responsible for their performance: If Bret Bielema, who knows what’s going on much better than we do, or Jeff Long think that Robb Smith isn’t doing an acceptable job, he’ll be replaced. Same for anyone else on the staff, and the non-coordinators are not on multi-year contracts like Smith and Enos are. Michael Smith or Vernon Hargreaves can’t sit around and live off their golden parachutes for a couple of years like Charlie Strong could have.

I, too, am amused by the people who worry about how much coaches are paid. There are many, many people in this world who are far more overpaid than football coaches. Coaches, after all, are putting in 100-hour weeks from August to December and not much less than that the rest of the time, with recruiting, etc. I know people who are paid very well to do essentially nothing. Say what you will about Robb Smith’s job performance this year, but it’s not because he’s not putting in the hours.

That is somewhat what I was getting at, although it wouldn’t be docking a month of pay, it would not be receiving a bonus. The bowl bonus. It is a good assumption that no coach would be willing to do that, but a confident coach probably would especially considering they are highly paid. I’m not one to bicker about how much they make, as you noted they put in the time, and are in a career that can have high paying jobs. We all choose different career paths, some pay more than others that’s life. But they do put in the hours necessary to earn their check. I think some deserve a raise, that would be enos and coach M.Smith. They are exceptional. You make a good point that BB and JL will do their evaluations of their staff and make necessary adjustments. I will say if no major adjustments are made (which is unlikely) I will be highly disappointed in them. They are professionals and in the top competition they know what they need to do more so than any of us. I wouldn’t expect BB to do my job as well as I can, same goes for me and his. WPS

Guys, I think it comes down to market. What does the standard market contract look like? If the vast majority of the competition (other comparable teams) offers certain largely standardized terms then you pretty much need to do the same.

Since most of these coaches largely use the same agents, this is the reality you must live with. If you don’t will not get the coaches you want.

I guaranty this is so!

You mention that Coach Enos and Coach M Smith deserve a raise, I 100% agree. But it wasn’t that long ago that practically everyone on this board, me included felt the same way about R Smith and he got it. Now most want him fired.
Funny how things and events and football seasons can have mind altering effects.

It is interesting. After his first season it looked like we found an elite DC. After his second season, not so much, it was not a good defense by any means. After year 3 it seems it is time for us to move on from him, he had quality talent his first year and had a great year. After that it seems that other offenses have been able to manipulate his scheme all too well and put up record performances.

As disappointed as all were in the defense this year, I think it is unfair to say RS should not receive a bowl bonus and not point out all the other defensive coaches as well. No, they are going to a bowl. They deserve the bonus as much as DE or MS or any other coach on the other side of the ball. They did their job; the team made a bowl game. Had they done a better job, they might be playing in Florida or even New Orleans, but they get to stand in the cold of N.C. (assuming the weather is normal). That’s also their “reward.”

Bowl bonuses are a coaching team reward, not an individual goal bonus. They made the bowl as a team of coaches. If you want to have in contracts raises or bonuses based on performance, then you can write those into the contract. But you better be prepared to pay those above and beyond a competitive base salary, because few would sign a contract for a lower-than-SEC-average salary in order to receive a bonus for holding teams under 300 yards (whatever) a game based on what an 18- to 22-year-old is going to do. One bad play could move that average from 299.9 yards a game to 300.1.

You need talented and experienced players along with depth in key positions to be a top tier Coach in the SEC.
Unless the Coach is a prodigy of masterminding different schemes with the level of talent on hand to keep the opposition guessing and/or off balance for a short while. But most of the time it is the talent level of the players that make the Coach.

This is why no coach worth his salt would sign a contract that would eliminate his bonuses if the defense gave up too many points, for instance. Because no one else at a Power 5 school would ask them to do that. They’d go somewhere else to coach instead. Let’s not kid ourselves; we don’t get coaches on our staff because Fayetteville, Arkansas, is such a wonderful place to live and work. That isn’t completely ignored, but it’s not the prime factor. They come here because it’s an opportunity to coach at the highest level short of the NFL and be paid pretty darn well, and they’re not going to willingly forfeit some of that money.