Was just reading the article over bonuses to be given out to all coaches. I find it very troubling that some of our staff members are being rewarded for very poor performance. I guess I’m old fashioned but I would only give bonuses to those who have earned it with good performance. … tball-sta/

Coaches’ pay in D1 Football is WAY out of hand.

Yes, TV money is paying for most of the excessive spending in college athletics, but it has gotten awfully expensive for fans to attend games.

As a 30 year UA season ticket holder, I’m starting to get disillusioned by it all.

College AD’s should be careful. The golden goose won’t live forever.

It’s in the contract. Make a bowl, get a bonus. That’s the “performance”. If we’d made a New Year’s Six bowl, or won the division, or won the SEC, a bigger bonus.

Oh, and if those bonuses were eliminated, your tickets wouldn’t be a dime cheaper.

Well there should be a performance clause in the contract. I can’t comprehend rewarding the worst defense in memory. That may just be me. It’s similar to a participation trophy in my eyes.

There is a performance clause. It says make a bowl and get a bonus. We made a bowl. Now some of the assistants whose work you are decrying may well not be on the payroll for much longer, but UA is obligated to fulfill the contract, and the contract says they get a bonus.

I understand that, I’m saying that the bonus should be negated if you don’t meet a certain standard. (Bowl bonus) Instead of rewarding those who rode the coattails of the guys getting the wins. Instead reward those that do their part and more with a larger bonus. RS is receiving the largest bonus, and unrightfully so.

I’m not sure, but I don’t think he’s questioning whether the bonuses are in the contract but whether they should be in the contract.

I tend to agree with him. It makes no sense to me to reward them for squeaking into a bowl. Their reward is their often high 6-figure salaries.

I know the response will be that if we don’t offer it another school will.

That may be true. I think I would prefer that bonuses be discretionary and based upon an end-of-season eval as opposed to them being able to scratch out as few as 5 wins.

That may not be realistic but it sure seems reasonable.

It’s fairly clear that some of you are wasting your talents posting on a message board… Start getting those resumes together, go take Long’s Job and make the Hogs Great Again! /s

Auburn and Ole Miss have a different type of bonus plan, win your state high school championship and you get the money. A real performance reward plan.

smith the defensive cordinator to give his bonus back or or donate it to charity

smith the defensive cordinator to give his bonus back or or donate it to charity

Love it when people complain about how much money someone else makes. Don’t know what you do for a living, but I promise you there are people out there that think you are way overpaid as well. I sit at a computer most of the day. If the guys I used to work with in the field knew how much I was getting paid to sit here and type on a message board they would throw a fit.

It’s called a contract. Bowl bonuses are written into contracts. You can’t renege on a contract simply because you don’t like paying a bonus you are obligated to pay. This is one way that tangible performance goals are written into contracts. Very straightforward, conventional practice.

This subject probably touches a nerve for a lot of people, because they work for employers who practice elusive standards for annual bonuses. I know I have worked for a lot of those. You have what you know was your best year ever, and your bonus doesn’t reflect it. Never can pin down the boss on what it takes to get bigger numbers. They always move the numbers in the shadows.

I’d love to have a contract that specified exact bonuses for specific goals. But in the business world we do not have as much revenue visibility / predictability as they do in college football.

Plain and simple, it’s always been there and always will be there. In the Broyles days, it was one month salary. Coaches counted on it. There have been no bowls in the recent past. So I understand having bowl bonuses. It’s part of the result of being in the Power 5, your coaches are going to make more. All of them.

I remember the night the team got to six wins. I believe that was the Florida game. It was clear to me that everyone was pleased to be bowl eligible. Instantly, I thought about the bowl bonuses. Knew they would get them. It was a fine performance against the Gators to gain bowl eligibility. This season was not all poor performance. I thought it was in the second half of the Missouri game, but I saw a lot of other games when I thought the team played like a bowl team and earned coaches their bonus. It was an up-and-down year. Seven is generally thought of as a win total that would earn a bowl bonus every time.

Somewhere along the lines this got turned into it seeming that I wasn’t comprehending that it was a bonus due to bowl eligibility. That’s not the case, I’m well aware of the reason for the bonus. All I’m saying isthat the contract in my opinion should have a clause, or incentive based standard for that bonus to apply. Maybe a smaller full house bonus for bowl eligibility, but the larger full bonus comes if you met your standard. If you aren’t pulling your weight when bowl eligibility comes around you don’t get it. They are all very highly paid men, I couldnt care less about how much they make, but with more salary comes more responsibility and should have more accountability. You don’t have to agree with me it was just an opinion. Not trying to step on toes, just never have agreed with reward for less than mediocrity,(only some of them, some did great) regardless of the reason. (Bowl eligibility)

Quoting someone else. I haven’t researched.

“Broyles first contract was for $15,000. That equates to about $120,000 today.”

It’s a fair discussion and we all have our opinions and work experiences. I’ve always agreed with the old saying “you get what you pay for”. If we try to base performance on something different, like ypg by the defense, or TDs allowed or offensive ypg or something else, then we will have extreme difficulty getting the “best” on our staff. They will go somewhere else. Their contracts are what they are and to try to change and or complicate them would be a mistake in my opinion. I certainly understand the frustration with our defense this year and the coaches have to accept responsibility for that, but they are certainly due rewards spelled out in their contracts. I don’t understand the argument about ticket prices and contracts with coaches, but everyone has to make up their own mind about whether or not to pay for a product. I know for sure that we have to be competitive salary and contractwise to have a chance in the SEC.

That kind of stuff happens across the board. Football is TEAMWORK. Sure, there were breakdowns in areas but YOU WIN AS A TEAM AND YOU LOSE AS A TEAM!