Bonus money?

will Coach Neighbors and staff get their bonus money(as is probably set out in their contracts)for leading the team to the post season…even through the NCAA was the one that canceled the tournament?even with the cancelation it was predicted that they would be a 7th seed…and what about other performance incentives in other coaches contracts…will those be honored…this"pandemic"has raised numerous probably unthought of relation questions concerning sports

There’s some big money at play here, way beyond salary bonuses. NCAA isn’t going to get the billions from CBS and TNT for the tournament. Conferences aren’t going to get their share either. ESPN isn’t going to pay what it would have paid for the spring sports championships including the Road to Omaha. I’m sure the NCAA and other entities had insurance policies for something like this, but I doubt it replaces the lost funds dollar for dollar.

But to directly answer the question, UA would not be obliged to pay any bonus that’s predicated on postseason performance if there is no postseason performance. Could HY pay it anyway? I guess so. But he doesn’t contractually have to do so.

When you lose money on an event, where does that money come from? What happens to the money that came from the NCAA to the conferences? It sure would seem to me that bonus money for the coaches would be tough to find right now. I’m more worried about all of the folks that were going to get a chunk for working at the NCAA tournament – the vendors, the taxi drivers – that suddenly don’t get a dime. Coaches will be fine.

By the way, there are all sorts of vendors in Fayetteville that depended on baseball games and football spring practice to make a living. There are groups who fed the teams on a weekly (if not nightly) basis that are suddenly out of luck. Some depended on three months of work this time of year. It’s gone.


Sports revenue is only part of the economic disaster taking place now and will continue the spiral. It’s so far reaching and where will the bail out money come from for already weak economies?

Mike Neighbors is getting his because his team would have been in the NCAA per HY

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I wish they announce the brackets so it can go in the record books as teams and players and coaches having made the tournament. I am with Jeff Goodman on that,

Yep, I agree. And while they’re at it might as well announce the NIT field too. Somebody at a have-not school might get a bonus for any postseason play.


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