I read elsewhere that he won’t be coming back, not his decision. It’s the internet, so put into that what you wish, but the person spoke from the family’s perspective on this.

I can confirm he won’t be back.


Bryce Bonnin was a freshman pitcher this year, used mostly in relief, but also started at least one game. He was a highly-rated draft prospect last year but turned down a big amount of money, to come to school. He’ll be at a junior college next season.

State gets 2 1st rounders to come to school and our guys bail for Juco?
Were grades an issue?
What’s the deal?

Almost every team has a lot of roster turnover from one year to another. If there were full scholarships in baseball it would reduce the amount of turnover from year to year.

Matt, I’m no insider but it appears they are making room for additional late signees. Agree?

heard about this a long time ago and we deserve answers to be honest…I was shocked he didn’t see more time in the midweek games so can understand why he might be upset was hardly ever used…still would like to know why???

They had agreed he was coming back, he was given Knights number and locker. Next thing he knew, JUCO’s were calling him offering him spots.

I guess I see it differently. I’m interested in why he’s leaving, but do not feel like I’m “owed” an explanation. There can be many reasons for this, and I trust DVH and the player’s family to make these decisions. It’s not like something of this order doesn’t happen most every off-season.

By next season, this young man will be with his new team and I’ll be focusing on learning about our new players. Life goes on. I wish him the best.

Amen, Wiz

So was the decision to leave his or DVH’s?

Yes…I’m sure there are two sides to the story, I’ve only heard from his side, maybe DVH will touch on it tomorrow, although I’d be surprised he goes into much of the details.

that’s all I would like to know is did he leave because Juco’s offered him more than us,not anything wrong with wanting to know that.

Asked Dave Van Horn just now about Bonnin. He said it was more of the staff’s decison for him to move on. He wants to be a starter; the staff wants him to be a reliever.

“There’s a lot to it I guess,” Van Horn said. “He needs to go to JUCO … Bonnin has a lot of talent with that arm strength. He’s got to take it in a game consistently.”

there ya go all I wanted to know…thanks

Good Lord man, we don’t DESERVE answers from anyone. DVH has the right to run his team as he sees fit without giving the FANS (you know, short for FANATIC) any answers.

This statement from DVH is actually very telling. If Bonnin wants to be a starter and if the fall is supposed to be the time to see the kind of roster/bullpen you have, then why is DVH so set on Bonnin as a reliever? Must mean he has his starting rotation in mind. Campbell, _________, and _________. My guess is Ramage and Noland, but could be (read: almost certainly am) wrong.