bringing the smoke today. Didn’t know he could get it that fast…96? Could see a lot more coming from this young man!

he has a great arm. Just got to get control little better

He should have been out of the inning a long time ago. Mike Morris spit the bit on that two-strike curveball to Madison Stokes. That’s what started this jam.

I’m a little surprised Bonnin wasn’t tossed on his way to the dugout. He stared down Morris the entire time. I’ve never seen a college pitcher do that, let alone a seldom-used freshman.

Yes this home plate umpire this that these are not professional picthers they’re not getting paid if it’s close to the black it needs to be called . Hitter should be up there to hit not watch

The announcers have talked about the umpire having a consistent strike zone which he hasn’t been!
If I was coaching I would have already been tossed!
There have been calls aginst our hitters that sure have been called again the Poultry.

That’s awesome…I think he’s got some cajones…future star

Saw that too! Loved it!

Bonnin was clocked at 97 earlier this spring on the TrackMan in a scrimmage. The gun on the board in this regional is said by scouts to be just 1 tick high. So it’s close to being right on. I usually ask each weekend with several that have freshly calibrated guns among the scouts.

All Bonnin needs is command of the fastball and to develop a straight change.
Reps is what helps for these young pitchers!