Bonnin ends up at Texas Tech

It will be interesting to see how he is used there. They have a pretty good program there.

Texas Tech had a lot of sophomore pitchers this year who will cycle out by the time he is eligible in 2020. I would not be surprised to see him have some success there.

Do we return the 2 game series in Lubbock this season? Would be interesting to have Bonnin pitch against us if we do. You know he’d be jacked up.

Never mind - forgot he has to sit out a year first.

I have asked Dave about if there are any return games there. He basically told me that they hope to go back to Lubbock at some point, but it won’t be in 2019. I think both teams might end up playing the Houston Shriners Classic at Minute Maid again in 2020.

I have a feeling we are going to regret losing him,you can’t each 97 MPH

I know he has reportedly touched 97 on the gun (I have never seen it in person) but he was more of a 92-94 mph pitcher this year. I’m going off memory, but I think the hardest I saw him throw was 95.

saw him hit 97 the last time he threw forget who it was against but he hadn’r thrown in forever so he was well rested.

Local rumor here in Texas is that sophomore infielder Easton Murrell is also transferring to Texas Tech.

looks more likely than not that TT poaches dos Razorbacks

I know we will never know the full stories. And transfer happen everywhere. It’s probably like not wanting to see how sausage is made. But I’d sure like to know who just wasn’t going to be able to play because there were better players, who wasn’t willing to wait, who was homesick, who had a bad attitude or was not a good teammate, etc.

There is a little reading between the lines, I guess. But sometime, people just disappear and show up at North Texas or Crowder and you realize they have just disappeared from the scene. It probably wouldn’t do anybody any good to read that some kid was a jerk and everybody hated him and he was run off ASAP.

I would like to hear his teammates talk a little about him and we would get a pretty good idea about what the real deal was. I’d lean toward a young man that was spoiled and has received a participation trophy since he started playing ball at 5 years old. You never need a problem in your dugout out or on your team period.
I wish the young man well.