Bonfield takes way too many pitches!!

i swear 90% of the time hr takes FB right down the middle and then again with 2 strikes when your supposed to protect the plate! the first time up tonight he swung at the 1st pitch and ripped a single to left…I don’t understand why he gets himself in the hole everytime.

HA HA. I have posted the same thing several times over the years. I swear, he takes 98% of the first strikes. I’ll bet the book on him is to be sure to throw a strike right down the middle of the plate because he most likely will not swing at the first pitch.

To be fair, I think he has swung at the first pitch more this year. Maybe 2 or 3 times.

He looks the first pitch. Shakes his head. Backs up. Re-does his gloves. Over and over.

I know he has been hitting for a good average, and I am grateful he is a Razorback, etc. But, Lordy, he sure watches a lot of strikes go by.

makes no sense whatsoever pitchers are going to try to get ahead in the count why spot them a strike and put them in a situation to throw the breaking stuff.

He could be a much better hitter if he didn’t like last night he swung on the 1st pitch his 1st AB and roped a base hit to left…