Bonfield has stepped it up

Kudos to him in biggest game of year.

If Fletch gets hot next week this could get crazy…

Much more aggressive tonight I love that approach

He has been pretty solid all year. He had a little slump for a few weeks but mostly he has been what he is–a solid RH compliment to out many LH hitters who has some pop and gets on base a ton.

He has taken the brunt of the whining but if you slash what he has in the SEC you’re doing just fine.

Luke had a plan when he went to plate in the first inning and made it happen. Just like the rest of his AB’s.
Fletcher took some better cuts today. He job robbed in right center on what should have been a hit. That was his best contact I thought. Jax Biggers hit the ball hard all night. Fletcher will heat back up! It was also good to see Cole get hot and get it done. For the weekend I think Fletcher struggled at the plate but today he was better. Every player has done their job at the plate.
Koch has caught behind the plate in this heat for 3 straight days that drains you! I do wish he would have rushed after the ball when those 2 runs scored. But that should have been a dead ball!
When you score 14 runs it’s hard to come up with any complaints. If they keep scoring like this look out Omaha.