Bonfield and Fletcher?

These guys are not getting it done, both of them are dead outs.

Agree, Bonfield has proven over and over that he isn’t a clutch hitter.

Bonfield was called for a 3 rd strike today that was low, bad low. I disagree he will battle and take a walk.
Fletcher has started trying to jerk everything out of the ball park.
I still think they have both performed good!

I think you misspelled Koch.

Lol so true.
I pretty much count him as an out each and every meaningful at bat.
I’m sure he’s frustrated.

Someone mentioned Bonfield is decent at taking walks. That’s part of the problem. He’s a cleanup hitter with the bat on his shoulder. Needs to get aggressive.

I do think Fletch is pressing. He might bust out of it tomorrow. I certainly hope so.

I do think we hammer those boys tomorrow though.
Even with those three off, we have a lot of weapons

Let’s quit ragging on our own players. They have given us a season to remember and like all of us have good and bad days. Oh, and by the way, where would we be without their defensive prowness. And, don’t think for a minute they wouldn’t,t like to get a hit each at bat. They are busting their butt trying to get to Omaha—-applaud them

Well said!