Bolden will start Friday

I mentioned this might happen in another thread, but Caleb Bolden will replace Peyton Pallette as the Game 2 starter this week.

Patrick Wicklander will start the first game and the Game 3 starter will be left TBA.

Well let’s just hope he will pitch the way he did in Tenn but this staff is so unpredictable you never know what you will get out of them. I hope Wick gets back in form.

(Imagine the Forest Gump drawl)

“Arkansas pitching staff is like a box of chocolates.”

(Other than #45)


hoping game 3 is pointless and all is decided and then DVH can try to put Wiggins in as a starter as has been often suggested. Kid has to be a mental wreck and uncertain about his future…

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Yes. It’d be nice to have secured the overall title by game time Saturday. That’s very doable. We just have to win our first two. Doesn’t matter what anyone else does if that happens. It’s also possible, of course, that we’ll get some help.

The home plate u pure made a big difference in how Wicklander’s game went at Tennessee! That was a cracker box strike. zone. Wicklander will be fine. It doesn’t matter when Pallette enters a game as a starter of out of the pen. He will compete.

Failure can make you do one of 2 things, it can make you Bitter or it can make you Better.I have a feeling Wiggins is the type it will make him better,go back and look at the video and as that guy is coming down the 3rd base line, you see Wiggins put his glove over his mouth and glared at the guy as he’s crossing home plate. I could just feel the anger coming out of Wiggins, I think he will use that failure as fuel to make him come back BETTER! Just think he’s wired that way.

Strike zone wasn’t great but neither was his location, he got several pitches up in the zone and a good hitting team like Tenn didn’t miss them, Fla is the same way, hopefully he will work down in the zone and mix his pitches a little better, threw mostly FB last week and they were all over them.

Good point! Wicklander will be fine.

I’m not clear on the “why” rationale of Bolden for Pallette. So, pourquio?

I think you’re correct Youda. I noticed Wiggins doesn’t hang his head when he makes a mistake. He will get there. Coaches and team mates will help with that to.

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I think the feeling is Pallette has been pitching better out of the bullpen this year than he has when he starts.

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