Bold prediction

Ty Storey starts at Fort Collins.

no doubt

Not exactly hanging out there on the branch too far with that one, Swine…

I predict Kelley will transfer after season.

Who knows? You may be right. I don’t think Kelly fits this offense. In the first quarter he looked like he was in slow motion and awkward to boot. Storey brings quickness both in running the offense and releasing the football, as well as foot speed.

This staff repeatedly states they want a calm presence at QB with few highs and lows. I think Storey is much more comfortable since he ran this offense in HS and that leads to him being more level emotionally. Who is going to be able to side step a rush or take a few quick steps away to extend the play? Ty can accelerate much quicker than Cole and that is an asset with blitzes. We saw Ty scramble or move up into the pocket very well.

Our Oline will have a hard time blocking long enough for the deep threat. Our Oline can’t be expected to hold blocks for long developing plays. Our passing game needs to be quick short throws on slants, quick dumps to TE’s, quick outs to WR, and the long but quick WR screens. Cole is not very accurate on the short passes and has problems with finesse and velocity. Ty is good at the finesse and better on accuracy on the short quick passes.

Our Oline will need the quick passes to keep the Nickle and OLB from blitzing as much and that will open up the run game. E. ILL used the safeties to do the same. If the Oline develops later in the season then we will be able to throw the long ball and that suits Cole better.

I think both will play and do well at Fort Collins. I don’t think it matters too much who starts. Sometimes it’s a quarter before the coaches figure out what needs to be done (if there are surprises in game plan by the defense). They should understand what CSU likes with two game tapes so maybe there won’t be that quarter of figuring it out. A big play yesterday in Kelley’s time on the field was the holding penalty to wipe out a nice third down throw and it led to a punt. But it was a terrific throw by Kelley. The worst throw was on a go route that he put about 10 yards out of bounds in the corner of the end zone. Maybe he was trying to throw it away, but it never had a chance.

Storey does give us a little bit more with his legs based on what I saw.

Storey moves in the pocket quicker, can escape a rush, the offense has visibly more energy, he can run AND that creates a threat for the RPO. Kelley is not built for this RPO offense. We will see both play a lot I figure. Kelley has played numerous games last year so he has comfort. Kelley has been annointed as the starter by many fans so he had confidence and swagger.

Ty has been second guessed his whole time on the hill, so his confidence is fragile yet he played quite good in his FIRST substantial playing time at the UofA. How much does Ty improve now that he has some solid confidence?
How much does he improve his execution and accuracy because of the new confidence?

I’m thinking it’s a little early for that one, but obviously if Ty plays like he did yesterday and the young ones come along, it is certainly something I am sure he will look at a more pro-style offense.

Exactly Dudley, it’s a little too-oooo early.

Ty did appear smoother and more suited for the system, but give Kelley credit, when he came back in he still had his confidence. I could see this being a two QB rotation all season, more playing time to who is getting it done that day. Interesting to see it play out.

Glad we have both of those guys. A long season in the rough
SEC-W is coming.