Bold prediction, Sweet Sixteen version

We all know that Desi has struggled the last 2/3 of the season after a pretty good start. Whether that’s a lack of confidence, or pressing as others passed by him to get more playing time is hard to know.

I just have a gnawing feeling that somewhere along whatever road remains for this team, Desi is going to have a key sequence that will be a big factor in a win. Don’t know if it will be this game against ORU, or the next one (or, the next one…or…).

Now, I’m not saying he’ll explode for 25 points or anything like that. It may be just a mini-spurt where he make a couple of key baskets, sink a FT or two and/or makes an important steal during an key part of the game. But I feel he’s overdue for such a spurt and more than capable of delivering on it.

I’m pulling for him.


I am also a big fan of Desi and have been thinking the same thing. He and Notae both come off the bench and believe they both will have big impacts in some game or games to help lead us to victory. Notae has already been a big factor and we may need both of them to go off on a 4 of 5 or 4 of 6 three point shooting night to beat some of the teams left in this field (Baylor, Houston, Gonzaga, Alabama).

I did 3 brackets and I have Alabama Vs Arkansas Final in one of them. Sills is capable of getting hot and helping this team reach the finals. Of course I picked Arkansas to win that game. WPS

I felt like Desi was the heart and soul of this team until he had that hard fall that hurt his shoulder. I figured we would go as he goes.

Others have stepped up and the team took off.

But it would certainly be huge if he could get back to anything like he was before.

Love me some Desi Sills. We need him. A resurgence would be huge.

Desi had a double double against ORU in the first game in December, 16 points and 10 rebounds. I’d like to see him repeat that, but doubt he’ll see the 34 minutes he played in that game. He just hasn’t been the same since he hurt his shoulder.

if you look at the first game we had against oru, desi had a good game driving to basket. i know he hit at least one three. i don’t think he has been the same since he took that hard fall in an early game. he might be injured. he certainly is hesitant in games, seems his three shot he has lost confidence. and he certainly doesn’t drive the lane with abandon much anymore. devo plays better defense than desi for sure. wish he would/could step it up.

I hope Desi gets healthy because he can be a factor when playing well. Not sure if it will happen before next season, but it would be great to start now.

This is just my opinion, but in order to make a deeper run…we need Desi to find some form. I think our current rotation of Tate, Devo and JD would immensely benefit by Desi entering that rotation for some quality minutes. We are not deep at guard at all without Desi.

Desi hasn’t played with the edge since that hard fall! He is capable of making an impact on both ends of the floor he just hasn’t showed it lately. I want all of our players to have a positive impact when they get the chance to be in the game.

I agree. The fall clearly is the cause to Desi not being in top form. I just mentioned all this in another thread. And of course we all want every player to play great. All the time.

My point is that without Desi, we are thin at guard. We just are. We are playing a 3-man rotation. With them all on the floor together alot. We need Deis in that mix.

I was at that game. Desi took a horrible fall and I was surprised that he had not suffered a season ending injury. I hope that he regains his game because we need all hands on deck to continue to the Final Four.

Razor thin at guard! First it was KK needing surgery and gone for the year and then Desi took the hard fall.
Don’t forget Smith took a rough hit at Auburn and was our after surgery for a short stretch of games. It’s remarkable for Smith to return so quick and play.
Desi just needs to be able to be effective on defense and capable of making cuts to the hole. His outside shot was there for one game to this point since the fall.

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