Boise State is suing the Mountain West Conference

This is fascinating:

The abbreviated version is that Boise State receives a larger share of TV rights from the MWC because of its notoriety, and the conference negotiates a separate agreement for games in Boise, which Boise State must agree to. The MWC recently sold its TV rights to Fox/CBS Sports, but Boise did not agree to the package. It also alleges the conference and other members unlawfully voted to phase out Boise’s separate TV agreement, which would cost the university at least $1.8 million per year.

Assuming the allegations are true, I could see this costing the MWC commissioner his job, costing the MWC Boise State, or both.

I think another round of conference realignment might be on its way because the power conferences’ TV rights all expire between 2022-24. I can’t help but wonder if the Pac-12 or Big 12 might try to go get Boise State. Suing your conference is a not-so-subtle way of telling suitors that you’d listen.

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It sounds like Boise State took a page from the texass unhookem handbook.

I had a similar thought, but if you’re the top draw there’s nothing wrong with asking for a proportionate payout from the conference, in my opinion. And if it’s written into the contract, the school has every right to defend itself. A deal is a deal.

The league should not agree to that type of contract. But can’t blame Boise.

This is the type stuff that encourages Texas A&M and Missouri to go to SEC and Nebraska to Big 10.

Matt, It’s a good thing the SEC doesn’t give proportional payouts. UA would be lucky to get anything for football. This is what caused the Big 12 to implode.

Frank would have never gone to SEC if they didn’t divide it equally. That was the primary chip in the reason he picked SEC.

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