Bohrofen ready by the 2nd SEC series

DVH said he should be ready when we go to Mizzou,coming back much sooner than first thought…that’s good…we need him.

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Yes. But he needs to be healthy! His offense is just as important as he defense.

Yeah I was thinking offense when I said we need him,we know he’s a very good defender,just hope he can get in a groove and start bashing the ball,will make our lineup really tough if he does.

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He can hit the ball! The threat of the king ball this season will force our lineup to see a lot of off speed and breaking balls. The need to guess right and get into hitters counts. Laying off the high junk will be key.

I don’t think that’s any sooner than expected. He was injured March 10 and Van Horn said it would be a 2-to-3-week rehab.

Well it seemed like it.

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