Bohanon to South Florida

Also considered Misery.

I wish him success.

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is this getting out of hand??? I mean did he hate the girls? Crooked teeth? Warts, bad breath on the cheer leaders? Coaches wives fat? What???

I thought he played very well last year actually. I guess he did not want to warm the bench.

Baylor coach was honest that he lost the job after spring drills. Kudos to the coach.

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Good decision. He doesn’t have to replace all those green shirts in his wardrobe.

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Baylor would seem to be a rough place for returning starting QB’s. Didn’t Bohannon displace Charlie Brewer? I thought Brewer was a heckuva quarterback.

I don’t think he displaced Brewer. Brewer transferred to Utah and Bohanon won the starting job after he left.

Why did Brewer leave if he was firmly entrenched? I bet he wishes he had stayed, given the way things worked out at Utah.

Btw, the only transferring QB’s who can say with any certainty, that the grass is greener elsewhere, are the ones leaving Boise, Eastern Washington, and UCA.


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