Bohanon to delay decision … -decision/

Comments: for a moment I was excited finally a dual threat QB a game changer home grown at that, every SEC school in the conference has played/started at least one over the past four years, except UA- Fayetteville

Not saying he’s going to Arkansas, but this is good news for the Hogs.

Makes sense to me (the good news part). It could be that he simply doesn’t want to put up with the negativity of having committed to an SEC rival, but considering it was almost for sure MSU at this time, a delay, for whatever reason, is good news.

Arkansas coaches haven’t offered him at the position he wants to play at the collegiate level.

Most wouldn’t hold that against the kid if he chooses a school that does. Now if the staff says we will give you the same opportunity… then that’s different.

That was my first thought

yes Ark offered him as a QB,

Noland even gave his blessing to offer another QB.

I dont understand the love for MSU. Their QB is a red shirt soph and played pretty well last year.
At least at ARK there will be a new QB no matter what

Thats not what he said after his visit.

His thoughts after the visit. … -plans-qb/

Sounds like QB to me. I think this does give us a shot. It is much better than saying he is going to MSU as everybody seemed to think.

Reply: I agree Richard, I believe this young man and family is really trying to keep Arkansas in the picture, but he won’t come here unless he’s allowed to compete for the starting QB position.

Bohannon knows he can play quarterback at Arkansas. He’s been told that and has commented on that. No issues with what position he’ll play at Arkansas. Both Bohannon and Noland have commented about two QBs being in the same class is not an issue. And Bohannon would play QB at Arkansas.

I believe this works in our favor at this time. He wants rethink and take the time with his family to make a 1 time decision. Also getting it from the horses mouth at AR that he will have his shot at QB.

I also think other programs have used the Duwop & Peavey scenarios against us. But Gerry is a talent well above those 2 I think.

I doubt it. Everybody recruits quarterbacks who will never see the field. Hurts ran about three of them out of Tuscaloosa last year. The fact that Duwop is our only African-American QB recruit in recent memory might be used against us, though. I seem to recall a couple of deleted threads about that topic recently.

Gerry said he will announce his top five today.