Bohanon to Baylor

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Connor Noland being committed was a major issue to Gerry. He told the staff that.

There is a shocker…

He never wanted to come to Arkansas.

He will realize that instant playing time is not in his best interest.

I wish him well, he has a great talent, but he will not be ready to start next season and he likely will. Could be a career killer for a young qb.

Good Luck Gerry.
I really thought he would go to Memphis.

I heard RG3 was involved in his decision making process. Not sure how much contact he had with him but I heard they did talk.

Two instate recruits in two days to the Big 12 and neither to OU or Texas. Sickening. Hammer down indeed. Right on the head.

Good luck GB. I hope you do well. I hope none of my children have a desire to go to murder/rape/hypocritical U.

Wish him well. According to one of his coaches, he didn’t like the way Arkansas’ previous staff recruited him and CCM came too late. If he wasn’t looking to enter college in the spring, he could have waited until February, but I don’t blame him for wanting to get a jump start on his college career. He may start next year at Baylor; hope that doesn’t hurt his career.

not a big deal, glad the melodrama associated with what’s his name is over. good riddance…

Flanagan made the decision to go to OSU back in the season. He did not decommit because he did not want the flak. Gerry was never coming to Arkansas as he has been told he will be the starter net year.

Gerry rightfully realized CBB was gonna play Connor at QB.

His other finalists were the powerhouses of Memphis and Indiana. Color me unconcerned.

Connor Noland invited GB to come to Arkansas and compete…make each other better. GB chose to go where there is minimal competition. Tells me all I need to know. I want the dual threat guy but I also want the right one.

We traded Bishop for Hanspard, BJ for Gooden, Robinson for Banks, gained a wideout and lost a db. Need to re-recruit Lineman from PA and DL from Georgia. Probably best we could’ve hoped for the way things shook out.

Wish the two Arkansas kids would have committed but hope they do well. Based on what has been posted they were both very iffy. Dunno if we lost that much. Only time will tell. Now that’s behind us let go get some kids that want to be Razorbacks. WPS


Good post.

In the end, it is about relationships. There is a reason why baseball and basketball recruiting starts in 8th or 9th grade (and, the baseball unwritten rule of once a player commits everyone backs off). Two weeks and no defensive staff members = a huge uphill battle. I am surprised that we have a shot at ANY defensive recruits.

esp if he helps with the twins… GB definitely replaceable, seems to want to have been handed the AR QB position. His numbers for his classification are less than overwhelming. As was pointed out, he was not a big deal Power 5 future star by any of the services. Wish him well but dont’ think we missed a future QB star. Maybe DB or WR or whatever else he dilly’s with at EARLE. C’mon, it is Earle and Im not sure he lived up to his hype.

Baylor will get hit again by the NCAA. And this time I think it will be so much worse as a repeat offender.

Maybe $ didn’t change hands in this situation but I find it hard to believe any kid would want to go to that purgatory.

Now that 2 of our best instate kids commit elsewhere you guys start making excuses & questioning the kids’ abilities. Show a little class! Sheesh!!!

I understand his decision and don’t question his motives. At the same time, I think Connor Noland is a more polished, ready to play big boy football QB at this point. That may change if GB has enough weapons around him in a couple of years. I’ve only got one thing against the guy. He’s a Baylor Bear. Rare is the day that I root for those guys.