Bohanon names top six … 5-schools/

I hope we got a chance to get him. WPS

I thought Auburn was the early favorite.

Comments: I for one would love to see this young man calling the signals for the razorbacks in the SEC conference championship football game, but the reality is he will not come here if he isn’t given the opportunity to compete against AA for the QB starting position. I noticed 5 of the 6 schools he selected have set precedence in starting/playing a dual-threat QB I hope it works out here for starters

He will not compete against AA because AA will not be here! Is it that difficult to look at the roster, see “Austin Allen, Senior” and figure that out?

Besides, poor old Tuschawg has been trying to get rid of both Allen brothers for about five years now. Don’t torture poor old Fred with the thought of another year of an Allen at QB…

How does Baylor get anyone interested right now?

“Dynamic” recruiting

Reply: ok I get it, AA is a senior this year I thought he had two left

Why is Bohanon considering Baylor, Well maybe he was promised a different bed mate every night?? Just a thought.

Different administration and coaching staff.

If he wants immediate playing time in the SEC at quarterback, most likely his wisest choice would be Arkansas from a pure competition standpoint. At Mississippi State, Nick Fitzgerald may leave after his junior year, but may not, which means he will be the senior starter in 2018. At Ole Miss, Shea Patterson will likely be the underclassman starter. And at Georgia there is Jacob Eason and Jake Fromm. If all goes according to plan, at Arkansas there will be a new starter in 2018 (if AA makes it through 2017 without injury). That’s about the only place of the SEC finalists that he might could get early playing time. Either place, it’s hard for a freshman to start at QB in SEC.

Sorry Richard about my Baylor answer. Your answer was much better.

Response: perhaps hard, but not impossible. Listen, if this young man’s skills sets are as good as to what they saying, all he is looking for is an opportunity to compete and let the dust settles where it may. Regarding freshmen’s starting at the QB slot there are several SEC schools that come to mind that have started true freshmen and went on to win the SEC conference title in addition to competing for national championship title.

One thing I think is universal among all coaches is they want the best player to play. Since QB is probably the most important on the field, I’m sure if this kid is the best QB, he’ll be the QB. About the only exception to that I can think of is another QB is just as good or almost as good, but this kid is the only one who could play at another key position.

I just don’t buy the idea that a coach will favor a player who is less likely to help the team win. No doubt the competition is harder at some places.

My point is of the four SEC schools he listed, Arkansas is the only one that appears to have an opening at QB next season, his freshman season. Doesn’t mean he couldn’t beat out the others, but that Arkansas should be searching for a QB. Yes, freshmen have played QB at other schools and won big. Hopefully, he could do that at Arkansas, but just like those other freshmen QBs, he’ll need help around him. I want the young man to come to Arkansas and set the college football world on fire, but it’ll only happen if he is the best man for the job. I would hope that’s what everybody wants.

Question will be, IMO, can a kid from a 3A school in Arkansas immediately play QB in the SEC

Only time will tell.

Pure conjecture otherwise.

There are only a few true freshmen who have ever been able to play the position and play it well, especially without a spring practice under the belt.

I stay true to my belief that every true freshman QB should redshirt

You’re right. And it’s good to have you back, Dudley!

Agree…was replying to the conjecture he might be looking for immediate playing time at a school