Bogle Park set to host SEC Tournament

NWA has a big show coming up with the SEC Women’s Softball Tournament. Hopefully, the Razorbacks can regain focus and championship form by Thursday and repeat with the excitement achieved last year at Florida. Ethan is going to be busy!!

Is there any plan to have a WHS/HI daily feature with schedules, lineups, and records for each contest or links to a tournament source?


Ethan and Paul Boyd will have you covered each day.

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Fantastic … also, will we have a daily game thread…?

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Planning on it!

Likely will name each “SEC Softball Tournament - Day X” and post scores/stories as they come, and will do my best to answer questions. I’ll also do a live updates story on the website during Arkansas’ game.

I am scheduled to have a lead story + roundups from each day of the tournament, and Paul Boyd will have a notebook. Today is the only day without a notebook, due to it being a single 12/13 game.

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For those who will be watching from home this week:

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Weather is not good at all all weekend I can’t imagine it not playing havoc with the games.