Body cam footage of Anthony Brown's Arrest

Wow…Looks like they were targeted. They were barely in the street and way , way more people milling about in the middle of the street.

All of a sudden that doesn’t look like much of a disorderly conduct behavior to me. I gave the cops the benefit of the doubt until I saw that.


Yes, and it a VERY BAD look. With all the negative crap nationwide against police this was so dumb. I bet CSP was hot after seeing that over reaction by the supposed adults in the situation.


Probably why Slusher is playing

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I really don’t know what to make out of this! The arrest was not warranted based on what I saw!!
Maybe this could be an example of a complete overreaction from the police officer! This should be reviewed by those in charge of the police on the beat! I still didn’t see what Slusher did to get arrested either. Brown didn’t appear to do anything at all.

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I wasn’t there, and context matters.

Based on what I WAS able to see, perhaps the officer could have walked over to the kid (who probably was just talking with friends and was not even thinking about the fact that he was technically “in the street” once he stepped just off the curb right next to the sidewalk), tapped him on the shoulder and said “I’ve already told you once to get out of the street. If I have to tell you again, I’ll have to arrest you” or something like that. I assume that the police had a good reason for wanting the street cleared.

If he walks into he street after that, then, yes…arrest him. .But he didn’t seem to be acting out or being “disorderly” in that limited clip. Giving a 2nd warning would seem to have been the better choice…and that’s whether the young man was a football player of a student at UCA who was just visiting town for the weekend.

Cops have a very tough job, and have my respect and gratitude for the work they do. But just like any universe of people, there are some that just don’t have a lick of common sense in some of the situations I’ve seen that have inflamed people in recent years. You’d think a young cop would learn from recent history and re a little slower to slap cuffs on someone in a non-explosive situation such as this one seems to be.

But again…I’ll admit that I wasn’t there and can only go on the small bit this clip shows us.

I’ll never forget the night. I was staying at the hotel on campus and drove down to Dickson to Jose’s. After a good dinner, some music on the patio, and some margs I made the wise decision to WALK back up the hill. Didn’t talk to anybody and really I was the only person on the sidewalk from the railroad tracks up. I wasn’t staggering and wasn’t near the street. I was almost to the corner of Arkansas and Dickson when here came the blue lights. Naturally, I stopped. The officer got out and asked me if I had any drinks. I acknowledged I had and thus the decision to leave my truck down in the parking lot and walk up the hill. No field sobriety test or breathalizer test. He started to write me a ticket for public intox. I couldn’t believe it and told him I was literally going there and pointed to the hotel (that you could see). He said “Well, if I don’t give you this ticket and you step out into the street and get hit, then I’m going to get in trouble.” I said “officer, if you’re so worried about my welfare, why don’t you just give me a lift over there and we’ll call it a night.” He wrote the ticket. A-hole. I hired a lawyer, contested it, and won in court. I knew I was okay to walk but wasn’t going to chance blowing over a .08. Some cops are just on a power trip when they can serve the community and earn trust by showing some discernment.


Unbelievable. If anything he was more off the street than many of the others milling about. He was clearly singled out by an overzealous police officer. Wonder why the policeman picked him out of the multitude of folks hanging around ? Could it have anything to do with him being a U of A football player? Surely not !

What an embarrassment to the Fayetteville PD. This beat cop should be disciplined if not fired.

When I read about the description, knowing what kids do down in the area, I wondered if something like this could have happened. But then I thought they would never arrest somebody for just standing around in a crowd. But thanks to video, we know that’s exactly what happened.

Look, I’m pro-prosecution/pro-police and assume they’re always guilty, so this is not a bleeding heart making these comments.

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This is why law enforcement is struggling these days. It is not hard to understand a full-blown confrontation with an officer making what could be a life/death decision. This is none of that, just bad police work.


This is why when the arrests occurred and many were calling for their dismissal, those that interact with law enforcement urged restraint until the body cam footage was released.

Most cops are good. Some are power tripping dudes that get off on telling others what to do.


Yeah we have way too many cops walking around with that “Barney fife” syndrome thinking they got to be all big and bad because they got a badge on
. You don’t go up there and just grab the kids shirt like that anybody’s going to turn around and get pissed off at you, so what if you told him one time, I didn’t see him out in the street! It’s a simple as sir we need to try to get out of the street and gently put your hand out and direct them backwards


Not that I’m defending anyone but that intersection of West and Dickson is a complete $##Tshow at 2 am.
I had to pick my daughter up there earlier this semester when her car wouldn’t start and the area was pure insanity. I’m a chapter advisor of a fraternity at the UA and even that area of Dickson made me blink (and leave as fast as possible)

Exactly. These people are the few. Not why Cops are struggling. Can’t post on this board why. :sunglasses:

There is now body camera footage of the second officer who was walking behind the first one. You can clearly watch the officer walk past a large group of college age girls who were standing directly in the middle of the street, just so he could get to Anthony Brown, who was barely off of the curb. I am not going to post it but it is on a local news station’s webpage.

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FPD has pulled this kind of stuff before.


That’s true of just about every profession, trade, and occupation. Unfortunately, the misbehaving few give the others a bad name. The nature of police work is such that a few bad cops can really make policemen as a whole look bad.

There’s thousands of interactions between police and citizens of this country everyday. The vast majority are handled correctly while some aren’t. I’ve had a cop lie in court about my actions and had a cop go on a power trip on me. I’ve had several other interactions without an issue. They were all traffic related offenses.

Just like I’ve had bad experiences with people of all backgrounds, I refuse to label any group or profession of people a certain way. Martin Luther King’s “the content of their character” is what I focus on.

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Shame more people don’t live by MLK’s admonition.


Of course that’s how it should be, but we know people don’t always do that

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I realize that but we should preach it on all levels.