Body by Herb impacting Hammonds … rentgh-an/

Exciting to see that he is putting on some of the muscle he will need for the SEC.

Sounds like they could put another 5-10 pounds of muscle on him before camp opens. Will be fascinating to see if he needs time to get used to his new body, or if he is ready to contribute right away. Don’t think he will lose much, if any, speed at 205-215, but I suppose that’s something to watch for as well.

If that’s all muscle, that kind of gain in only one month is stunning. Normal humans can only gain 1.5-2.25 lbs of muscle per month. More likely they are cramming him with a zillion calories, giving those muscles everything they need to grow and he’s gaining some fat as well. They can cut the fat down during camp.

Saw T.J. during the three-day camp and he looked cut.

Watched a 30 second video a couple days ago of the players working out. Hammonds looks like an SEC back right now, I didn’t see any fat at all. I have a feeling he will help this year, and will end up having a great career.

Wow is all I can say

I thought he was headed to receiver and would contribute in spot rb duty.

Not that I am complaining.

When I watched T.J. in video, I thought Gary Anderson. Now, he may not have to be a running back, but I do think you will see the ball in his hands for a few plays. I know Dan Enos is excited to have him as a scatback option to run reverses and counters out of the slot.