Bobi Klintman out of nowhere!

Hogs in good shape with this young man? Got to always love when the name flys from outer space :joy:

DD RD any insight here? His highlights vids are impressive. Long , smooth stroke from deep, great court vision

I would lean towards this being somewhat of a tough get. Shall see.

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Dad is back! I hope you were cashin’ out in Vegas big man! Can’t wait to hear all the good info you have accumulated in your week off. Welcome back.

welcome back, RD! hope your week went as well as recruiting and baseball and mens T&F and womens T&F!


I probably have a little more faith than Richard, but am not ready to make a projection yet

I take it that this was not a family trip…

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Be interested to hear where Richard and Dudley think we are at this point. Are we close to any other additions, and who should we keep an eye on?

kid is actually based in Wichita, not like we are going to Sweden to watch and evaluate. Plays for Sunrise Christian Academy which bills itself as the most expansive private, Christian school in Wichita area.

“Sunrise Christian Academy is both honored and blessed to offer the most expansive K-12 Christian-based, college-preparatory education in Wichita. We’ve been teaching, challenging, and nurturing wonderful children - from pre-school through high school - since 1983.”

was he recruited and therefore soiled goods by the opinion of many on here?

The school is typical of many small privates and using bball to promote themselves and essentially focus themselves as a basketball factory college prep. So common, that it is now hard to keep up with who is who.

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