Bobby Wolfe's top 3

Going into Saturday’s announcement.


Why commit to coming to the cookout next month as a Ole miss or Texas am player? :thinking:

He’s not listed on the visitor list or potential visitor list?

Well… my mistake then :joy:

Still like Arkansas though for him and Collin clay

I’d feel better about it if he had pledged to come the bbq weekend.

Just feel we won’t beat A&M out for him, I hope we do he’s a game changer. But kids like to play with other talented players, and A&M has a stacked class.

Changed to July 3rd on his commitment date.

Bobby tells me he’ll announce July 3 instead of tomorrow.

I don’t feel good about this anymore. His buddy Erick Young his committing on July 3rd as well. Young is pretty much a lock for A&M

My A&M guy has been saying for the longest he was a lock for A&M. There’s been reasons to think Arkansas has a shot but in the end it’s hard to see him going anywhere other than A&M. Been surprised before.