Bobby Wolfe

Tweeted big news coming later. Would/could this be Arkansas related?

As I said when he recommitted to A&M, it’s not over until he signs. That said I’m not sure what his options will be.

RD does that mean we wouldn’t take him? With numbers being so tight now? Keep up the great job you and Dudley are the best out there. Thank you, for all your hard work!

I know they’ve been in touch. Will they go full bore if he’s not a Texas A&M commit, I think they’ll have to make that decision. They love him as a player. He needs to take care of business off the field.

Ty RD that clears it up!

What’s the off field business you speak of?

As expected, he’s reopened his recruitment. Arkansas has stayed in touch but not sure how this ends up.

I would say that the spots for his position are likely to fill up soon.

Wait too late and it won’t matter.

Not sure if academics are the off-the-field issue being referenced above, but if so, the UofA will have the same issue taking this young man that A&M has.

I am reading your post above DD…several times…and me thinks you might know something about some future DB’s committing but are just keeping it very much under wraps as you always do which is why you and RD as so respected! Hope I am reading that correctly because that would be solid news! Just a wink back is all I need for confirmation haha.