Bobby Wolfe talks about decision day … nd-aggies/

Everyone knows he is AnM bound.

Could not be everyone, I don’t know!

Not everyone, but most expect it.

He’d be a huge pick up considering the the type of corner Chavis needs for his defense.

I fully expect Wolfe to pick A&M. But Mark Smith isn’t giving up, he had a tweet about him today. Gotta love having a guy like Mark on the staff. I was skeptical when he was named a position coach, but can fully understand why CCM did it now.

When you’re going after the talent that we are…you’re gonna have some swings and misses. Maybe a lot of swings and misses. But…you won’t get any of them if you don’t try and when you do break through…you turn into Clemson!

I think the Clemson comparisons are wishful thinking, they have much more talent available in their 250 mile radius than we do. Right now, we just want to get respect in our own conference.

RD, did he mention what time of day? ghg

I don’t. Clemson was just an average sort of program before Dabo and Morris hooked up there. I know they won the NC in 81 with Ford and Homer Jordan but that was a little flukish. You get the right guys, offer aggressively, etc…we COULD turn into Clemson at some point. I totally believe that.

A SC reporter told me Morris kicked started the program. Dabo was in trouble after the 7-6 season.

That’s exactly right… it hasn’t been too long since Clemson was sort of floundering. Lightning struck due in large part to CCM and the rest is history