Bobby’s ceremonial pitch

Kind of a weak throw but I suppose it reached the catcher. Response from the crowd was huge. His popularity in Milwaukee is off the charts for a guy that doesn’t start.

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it always been amazing to me that as great an athletes as some these guys are they have no concept of how to throw a baseball LOL Glad he’s getting the Love though!

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Don’t tell me you have to somewhere else on a “business decision

I’m pretty sure young Bobby spent his summers playing basketball, not baseball.

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Here’s to Bobby getting what he deserves financially…

Is there not any sound to this link? Wanted to hear the crowd…

Haven’t seen too many or any 7 footer baseballers. Randy Johnson was near 6-7 or 6-8 and pretty intimidating on the mound as a lefty.
RIP Mr Pigeon who flew who took a direct hit from his 95 mph fastball.

Kudos to Bobby though for becoming a fan favorite

I can see the point. We all learn how to throw a baseball at a young age.

Much better than Tony Fauci’s throw. I think most of us would struggle to get the ball to the plate from that distance.

Then again, Tony Fauci is 80 years old.

Well to be fair to Bobby he probably wasn’t trying his best… I know with all my sitis and itises I probably couldn’t make it to home plate anymore LOL

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It would be a heave-ho and hope.

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