Bobby Portis

Watched my Hornets beat up the Bulls tonight and Bobby is stitched to the bench. Hoiberg still trotting out the lesser of the Lopez brothers along with Taj, Felicio and Mirotic

I don’t get it.

Bobby has played in 21 of their 28 games before tonight. Averaging 12 minutes a game, 4.3 points, 3.4 rebounds.

Lopez is a 5, Bobby is a 4 for them. So whatever use he makes of Lopez really doesn’t affect BP at all. Mirotic gets about twice the minutes BP does on average; clearly he’s ahead of Bobby in the rotation. Felicio’s season averages are pretty similar to BP’s. I can only assume that Hoiberg thinks Felicio is a better matchup against the Bugs than BP is; they also use Felicio as a 5 some, like after Lopez got kicked out tonight. Taj, meanwhile, is the starter.

Taj and Lopez got tossed with 38 seconds left. Clowns.

Bobby is not in Hoiberg’s nine man rotation. Cristiano Felicio is playing ahead of him. Only time Portis gets off the bench is when a front court player is hurt or it is garbage time. Hoiberg started the season with Portis in the first nine. 12 games into it, Felicio got the job because Portis was not defending the bigs well. Felicio performed well and then slumped. So about 10 games later, Portis got his job back. But still showed the same weakness and lost his job three games later.

Nothing wrong with Bobby’s offense. Defense is keeping him on the bench.

i hope kingsley and every other 7 footer learns the lesson that face up long range offense alone doesn’t get you far in the league as a seven footer. you think Kevin Garnett don’t play defense or go hard in the post?

i love Bobby tho and he has the skills. he could stand to gain some weight and go harder in the paint tho.

I read an article last year that stated Hoiberg was not on solid ground with the Bull’s front office, surprised they stead with him this season. Regardless I wonder if Portis regrets leaving so early at the end of his sophomore year. I know the money was there, but was he really mentally muture for the NBA long basketball season including the competitiveness and so many other intangibles that comes along with this business that isn’t discussed.