Bobby Portis suspended 8 games by...

the Chicago Bulls.

"Bobby Portis is not a bad person. He’s a good kid but he made a mistake.” - John Paxson

From all accounts it sounds like self defense. I think the suspension is harsh.

He should appeal. When someone hits you or pushes you around it’s time to stand your ground and defend yourself. I’ve had a few mini fights in my days and I figured it out a bulley will pick on you until you stand up for yourself. After you bring them to their knees they won’t mess with you anymore.
I don’t blame Bobby Portis

Yea, that’s complete BS if the reports about Mirotic starting the whole thing and shoving him twice then charging at him is true. I mean what is he suppose to do, let dude beat him up and then end up getting cut because coaches think he’s soft?