Bobby Portis, NBA Champion

Yeah the Freak got a freaky 50 but BP got 16 and 3 boards, played some good D and was on the floor at the end. From the Knicks to a ring.


Great game by Bobby. Very pleased Bobby showed off his whole offensive repertoire. Threes, mid range jumpers, turnaround jumpers, drive to the hoop. That is the Bobby from the regular season. This is why Bobby was a candidate for Sixth Man of the Year.


I haven’t seen Bobby in this whole ceremony. Is he on the floor?

OK, there he is. That was great. It’s amazing how all of Milwaukee loves Bobby!

Bobby! Bobby! Bobby!

I just had the curious thought of how many Razorbacks have a NBA championship?

I can only think of Darrell Walker and Joe Kleine with Chicago and now Bobby Portis with Milwaukee.

Scott Hastings got one with the Pistons in 1990.

Yea Swine… I just poked around in the media guide and it said 3 NBA champions so that would have to be Walker, Kleine, and Hastings. Now it will need to be updated to four with Portis.

Honestly I thought Beverly would get there… he has been on some teams that got close.

I really hope the Bucks give Bobby a nice long term contract. He was a big part of their championship run.

Corliss Williamson won it in 2003-04 with the Pistons.

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There are 5.

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That makes five. I went to school with the first three, so it’s been a while. Hastings was the first. Walker in '93, Kleine in '98, Corliss and BP.

Then the media guide from last year was wrong. It didn’t list players but it did say there were 3 when actually there were 4… and now 5.

Someone needs to make sure the media people get those facts right.

Dusty was there. See him in this picture.

In case someone turned the TV off too soon


Way to go Bobby Buckets

And he was wearing his Razorback Basketball bracelet during the game and post-game celebration. Razorback pride.

His postgame thoughts.

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