Bobby Portis a free agent again(I think)

The Knicks declined the team option on his contract today as part of a roster purge, and I believe the option was for this year. Hopefully Bobby finally lands on a decent team for a change.

According to the New York Post, which isn’t entirely reliable, Portis could come back to the Knicks. They declined the option to get $15 million of salary cap room; some think BP would get about $4 million on the open market now.

As a Knicks fan, I like Portis. I just don’t like him on this current roster. To be honest, after the draft last night, I don’t even know what the hell the Knicks are doing.

Well, at least some things never change.

If the most he can get is the league minimum you got to think he’s better off taking an offer anywhere besides New York. Cost of living there plus guaranteed no playoffs experience really doesn’t seem like the best way to make the most of his future

If you’re making multimillions, cost of living is really not a consideration. Taxes are, and they’re quite high in NYC. Best reason to get out of NYC is that the Knicks suck and will continue to suck.

I saw just a while ago that he signed a two year deal I believe for just over 7 mil
I can’t recall who he signed with. Sorry

Bobby signed a new deal with the Bucks. 2 year deal for $7.4 Million. First year at $3.6 and the 2nd year is a player option for $3.8.

Lots less than he was making with the Knicks, but a LOT better team in Milwaukee.,Charania%20adds%20(via%20Twitter).

Yes, Bobby is with a better team now, but that also means less PT and in all probability not a starting role.

He definitely won’t be starting barring injuries. He also wasn’t starting with the Knicks. The Bucks said that he would be back-up to their center (name?) and the beast. So he could get decent minutes.

One of the Lopez brothers left; BP is replacing him.

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