Bobby Portis 1 game away

…from NBA Championship ring. 9 points and 3 boards in the win tonite. Tuesday night in Milwaukee playing for the ring. :sunglasses:


Made the highlights with a 3 on 1 score after he misses and fights all 3 for his own rebound. Then scores with left hand while fouled.
Go Bobby Buckets.

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I don’t know if it is the pressure of playoffs or what, but I have noticed Bobby has been not as aggressive on the offensive end as he used to be in the regular season, In the playoffs he has become basically a jump shooter. If he receives the ball and is not wide open, he passes it away. In the regular season, I saw the full repertoire of post up offense from Bobby. His lack of creating his own offense in the playoffs maybe the reason he is not getting as much PT as he did in the regular season and not for defense issues.

On the other hand, Budenholzer may have asked him to play just the way he is playing,

Anyway he has been a much better player offensively than what I have seen in the playoffs.

I would imagine Bobby is doing exactly what they’re paying him to do. Go Bobby P.

More love for Bobby


That’s awesome.

Bobby, Bobby, Bobby!

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