Bobby Petrino to Mizzou as QB Coach?

Any truth to the rumor? :shock: :shock: :shock:

November may have just got a little more interesting :smiley: … eculation/

Missouri quarterback Taylor Powell’s dad Mark is about to check my knee at 3:50 and hopefully give me a full release after six weeks.

Obviously I will ask him about it

From the Louisville Courier Journal … 508427002/

I would not want Mizzo to have BP preparing their QB room…

He was OC at Auburn in 2002, we spanked em pretty good, would have a better QB at Mizzou though.

OH that would be interesting if hired - How is the Womens Volleyball Team at Mizzou?

I dont think Mizzou coach would hire him - he seems to have too much character to damage his program like that

One thing for sure it would be another opportunity for CBP to embarrass Arkansas - as if he hadn’t done enough already

Taylor Powell’s dad Mark said that BP was just visiting - in part because of Garrick McGee being there.

But he would be fine with BP preparing Taylor as a QB.

We all know he is great at that aspect of the game.