Bobby Petrino’s.....

Name has hardly been mentioned at all to fill any of the many openings around the country. Obviously it could still happen. But it appears that his bad reputation is catching up with him.

His buyout at Louisville (supposedly) dropped significantly after the AD was fired because of a clause in his contract to that affect.

Louisville is not know as a destination job. But it may be top out for Bobby.

Which would be poetic justice IMO.

Bobby has had a Heisman Trophy winner at quarterback for two years and lost eight games with him. His record at Stripper U this time is 34-17. Certainly not bad enough to get him fired except at Georgia or TAM, but not enough to get someone to throw $6 or $7 million a year at him either.

He could work at Auburn for two or three years. Their offensive personnel, including the current QB, could play in his system. He would also benefit, even more than he did in his second stint with Louisville, with having someone hand him an elite defense when he walked in the door. Now when his own defensive recruiting and penchant for de-emphasizing defense in general kicks in about three years down the line, the natives would get restless.

I think you’re on to something here. Bobby’s crude/rude behavior would (most likely) be tolerated at many institutions for W’s. But looking closely at the issues you mentioned smart folks could be backing off for those reasons.