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He’s a classic bully

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He was also one of the winningest basketball coaches of all time, he ran a clean program, his players graduated at extremely high rates, and almost universally, his former players were and are loyal to the man. That tells me more than anything a “sports reporter” chooses to try and inform us about this great legendary coach.

If he were still alive, you could ask Neil Reed about whether Bobby Knight was “universally loved” by his players and whether he was loyal to him. Sadly, he died of cancer a few years ago. But here’s a view of your favorite coach unfiltered by a “sports writer”:


Knight won a lot, and with the help of a subservient Indiana sports media, cultivated a saintly image for decades. However, as successful as he was, he was and is an awful human being.

Neil Reed went to IU with the unrealistic expectation that Knight would be any less demanding on him than he was on the rest of his players. If he wanted to be coddled, he should’ve chosen Northwestern.

Knight was a tough as nails taskmaster in the mold of Woody Hayes. He demanded a lot of his players, but he was undeniably loyal to them. If you think I’m full of it, take the time to look up the name Landon Turner, or even better yet, ask Turner’s family. As long as Coach Knight believed his players were giving their 100% best on and off the court, he generally had no problem with them.

Nobody ever cultivated a saintly image of the man. He was promoted as a tough demanding coach. The majority of the mass media hated his guts because he didn’t care what he said or who he said it to, and when they tried to badger and debate on subjects related to his job as a coach, he routinely put them in their place.

When you want a reference to Bobby Knight get a box of crayon’s and have a kindergarten kid draw a picture of a donkey! That’s being polite!

I’d bet your army drill instructors were trained in the mould of Mister Rogers, weren’t they?

Lets face it. They were really tough on you, and it made you a better soldier than you would’ve been otherwise. That’s why Bob Knight was successful.

Woody Hayes, the coach who once choked an opposing player on the sidelines? Hmmmm.

The player’s name was Charlie Baumann from Clemson. He jumped up jawing at the OSU team on the sideline after a late-game interception. Not saying what Hayes did was wrong, but Baumann admitted after Hayes died that he regretted what he’d done to spark the incident. Today, that kind of thing is common place. Back then, it was still considered poor sportsmanship, and only a fool would say that Woody Hayes was anything less than a great football coach.

Obviously you’re not familiar with Neil Reeds story from start to finish. It was a sad as it gets. There is a line that “tough” coaches don’t cross (like CNR & Sutton) Bobby crossed those lines.

Bear Bryant crossed them too. But it was another day another time.

Bobby Knight was a great coach. But he was flawed, very flawed.

Pathetic… clinging to some overly romanticized notion of the good ole ball coach in the mold of Woody Hayes and Bobby Knight, when time and time again we see that in order to win big a coach doesn’t have to be an a$$hole and demean his players and throw chairs across a gym floor. A coach doesn’t have to be abusive in order to toughen his players and get the best out of them. Just ask Tony Bennett. Yes, Virginia, you can have it all!

Where do you think Bobby Knight started his career, I believe it was Army and Coach K played for him and became an assistant. Bill Parcells was the football coach there.
Bobby was hard on his players, demanded 100% out of them on and off the court. They graduated and he always had their backs. Bobby didnt passify the media and didn’t cater to or favor anyone.
The tough players stuck it out and learned none were exempt from the hard work he instilled. Some didn’t stick around like Larry Bird.

Did he cross the line, yes he crossed many of them in all aspects. His program was clean.
Today more coaches cross the lines of ethics and blatantly disregard the rules in recruiting. Bobby Knight only promised the recruits and parents an education if they stuck it out.
He also helped IU make a ton of money.

I don’t think Larry Bird ever went through a practice at IU. He was a country boy and 40,000 students on campus was more than he could handle so he dropped out very quickly at the start of his freshman year.

Can you imagine what would’ve happened if those two great basketball minds came together?

I recall that story having something to do with his roommate being a big deal trust fund kid and Bird couldn’t stand being around it. Knight didn’t know anything about it until Bird had already made up his mind to transfer.

It’s funny, because Coach K is hard on his players, but not so much with the media. They were both associated with West Point. We sit here and argue with people who gripe about how extremely difficult and out of bounds Knight was. They really should see the stuff the cadets and midshipmen go through at their respective academies. It makes the stuff the media spoonfeeds everyone and beats coaches to death over look like child’s play.

The man won 3 national championships, one of which was a perfect season. No other living coach has done that. That’s saying nothing of all the Big Ten conference titles his teams have won or shared over the years. Most of us would’ve crawled through glass shards to have Chris Beard come here, and guess who he learned his disciplinary style from? He doesn’t shy away from giving Coach Knight credit for it, either.

I like Bobby Knight. I actually hoped the Hogs would go after him when they hired MA.

As far as Woody Hayes, I knew a guy that was on that team when the Clemson episode happened. Woody actually punched him when he tried to pull him away. He says that is one of his best memories.

I idolized Bobby Knight, a great coach and got to visit with him several times when he came to see Coach Sutton.

But he’s changed.

My opinion of him personally in my dealings with him the last 10 years has totally changed.

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CLASSIC :sunglasses:

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