Bobby Joe Edmonds to help recruit nephew? … um=twitter

How blatantly stupid does it have to get before these morons quit this practice? In this Edmonds article, they mention
The University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Missouri, Florida, Michigan, Texas, Tennessee, and Oklahoma.

Missouri, Columbia. Florida, Gainesville, Michigan, Ann Arbor, Texas, Austin, Tennessee, Knoxville and Oklahoma Norman.

But seriously, Richard, you are fully aware that this practice (editorial mandate, no doubt) is obnoxious to virtually all of your readers. It is universally viewed as demeaning to Arkansas.

Don’t you mean the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville?

Just kidding. It’s a slap in the face to the fan base.

You do realize for the umpteenth time that the writers aren’t putting that in there; it’s the editorial staff.

It’s not the staff. It’s one person that primarily works the football and basketball reports. This stuff was missing in a Razorback gymnastics article; so it’s not the whole staff, just one guy with a grudge, who needs to be fired. Cannot imagine why all our Insiders don’t have the collective weight to override this idiot, whoever he is.

Comes from the highest. Don’t think we’re overriding.

I do agree it’s offensive. Not cancel the subscription offensive but it bugs me every time I see it.


Bobby Joe Edmonds son plays at Arkansas State and is a better safety than some on our roster. Hope he’s not irked his son was not recruited to play here.

The staff that made those decisions are rightfully gone, a clean slate should help…

Fans often look at offer lists and complain when kids have a list like Edmonds’ son coming out of HS. He evidently had one P5 offer.

How many D-1 offers did our backup SS have? Personally, I’d rather take a flyer on the son of former Razorback that played in the NFL.

But Richard, you know that would take away the opportunity to shovel another scoop on the previous coach. I suspect it has less to do about the lack of the offer than who didn’t make the offer.