Bobby Bowden has died.Rip Bobby'

Such a great man the epitome of humbleness and class.


I hate to hear that. I remember Florida State was on the level with Tampa and the lower level of collegiate football before Bobby, then they became a powerhouse.

RIP Bobby

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Sorry to hear. Definitely, one of the good guys.


Prayers for Coach Bowdens family.


R.I.P. Coach Bowden. A great coach and a great man. I really enjoyed watching his teams play during my time in Tallahassee in the 80’s.

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Another legend has passed. Great man and family

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FYI, that’s Chuck Barrett’s father-in-law. I talked to Chuck last week and he was headed back to Florida to be with Ginger. They knew this was coming for a few weeks.

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I remember that now Clay,very hard time for the family,even when you know its coming.

RIP Bobby. Prayers for the Bowden Family.
Really liked Coach Bowden and his approach to the game.
He always told it like it was in his interviews to. No sugar coating.

I had no idea…. My good friend married a girl who’s dad was best friends , played ball at UF, with Mrs Gingers first husband…. He was killed in a car accident, very tragic…… Mrs Ginger is beautiful!

Sad to hear this!
Bobby was a great coach and a good person.
Prayers for his family.

Interesting. I knew Chuck married a woman in Florida but not that she was a Bowden. She’s a prosecuting attorney now in Pensacola and uses her first husband’s name professionally; he died in 2004 in a car crash along with one of her sons.

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I’d be interested in learning how Chuck and Ginger met and how they managed their long-distance relationship until they got married (having done some LDRs myself). I knew that he stopped doing baseball because it would take him away from Florida too much in the spring.

It’s a great story, but he has kept it private. He is a great friend and I’ll honor his request. He’s had many chances to talk about it, but does not.


A remarkable man who did an amazing job of turning FSU into a powerhouse

On a personal level look at the coaching tree that came from his sons alone - tells me he was engaged with his boys as well as his players - that is a sign of greatness to me

Condolences to his family

Bobby Bowden made the game of football better because it came from a heart of love and joy that he breathed into the young men and helped make FSU a respected and feared team. His life lives on in his family and the legacy of coaches that walked with him. God only knows the times that BB prayed for an accurate and consistent field goal kicker. Rest in peace, Bobby Bowden. May peace be with his family and those that feel his absence.

I had the pleasure of meeting Coach Bowden when he spoke at a FCA banquet in Forrest City AR. many years ago. He was an outstanding man an a legendary coach. Clay if you would please convey our condolences to Chuck and the Bowden family let him know that he and his wife and the Bowden family are in our prayers and thoughts.

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I wished I could get the video of how Bobby met his wife and ask her to marry him. It is absolutely hilarious and I can just see Bobby doing it!

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