Bobby Bobby Bobby

Seeing Bobby get his ring tonight is awesome. I wish he wasn’t resting an injury. Good to see him happy on the bench anyways despite his minimum contract. And it has me thinking, with all the under the table money in college especially pre nil era that we hear about, how come we never heard about any allegations of under the table incentives offered in the nba to keep teams under the salary cap? I guess the financial penalty is too big for owners to risk it. They just pay the luxury tax or whatever and never risk getting caught? And I’m still curious what kind of endorsement deals or other income Bobby has in Milwaukee with his humble bucks salary? Lastly, has anyone seen dollar figure on hogs players and recruits NIL deals we got lined up?

I’ve asked this question before and people seemed confused. I basically said couldn’t teams just get around the cap with endorsements. Some thought it was a stupid question. Maybe you’ll have better luck.

Bobby is not making minimum salary, which for an 8th year NBA player (he’s been gone that long?) is $2.4 million. He’s making $4.5 million this year and next. He probably could have gotten more somewhere else, but he likes Milwaukee, the fans love him and they’re winning.

The NBA has major penalties if a team is caught circumventing the salary cap, and arranging a side deal is specifically listed in Article XIII of the CBA as a means of circumvention. The possible penalties include big fines, forfeiture of draft picks, suspensions of executives (and agents who demand a side deal), and voiding unauthorized contracts. The NBA can demand all sorts of documents to determine if anything sneaky is going on.

It’s happened before. The Timberwolves were caught giving Joe Smith a ridiculously small deal in 1999 (Smith had been the #1 pick in the 1995 draft and was playing well) in exchange for the promise to give him a huge deal later, which also violated Article XIII. The league fined the Wolves $3.5 million and took away FIVE first round picks.

But that’s just good business right? No. It’s anticompetitive. Somebody else could have given Smith fair market value legally, obtained his services and become a better team, but the Wolves played financial games to prevent that.

So, @thehuntinhog, that’s how they enforce it.


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