Bob Kravitz on Justin Smith

Bob is an Indiana writer and IU grad, covered Bob Knight for years for the Indianapolis Star. So not entirely surprised that he takes this opportunity to throw a little shade at Archie Miller. Good read if you can get past the paywall.

Can you give us the cliffs notes version, Jeff?

Justin came to UA on a leap of faith; hadn’t visited UA other than playing us in November of 2018, just talked to Muss via Zoom. He wanted to develop as a player and that wasn’t happening under Archie. So he made sure to graduate in three years so that he wouldn’t have to sit out as a transfer. He says Muss’ through preparation gives the players confidence and the spacing in our offense allows people to show their skills; Archie’s offense was congested, jam it in to the post stuff.

Also says Justin is gonna try his hand at the pros ASAP. Unfortunately for us.


I hope so too. I want him to have a successful start on the next level, sort of as proof positive of Muss’ success with Smith. However, it’s been fairly well demonstrated to me in less than a full year. Huge progression.

Thanks, Jeff.

You left the best part out. Bob Kravitz thinks Justin is arguably tournament’s best player going into sweet 16.

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Good point. I did miss that in the Cliffs Notes.


I think JS is the most improved and valuable player on the team. He’s the most indispensable player for the Hogs. We have no one else who can capably and equally replace his minutes. We can’t afford for him to get into any foul trouble. If I was an opposing coach, My goal would be go straight at JS to get him on the bench and out of the game.

There’s a website that gets you around many paywalls including the Atlantic. Go to and paste the url into the designated place. If this post is out of line, mods feel free to delete.

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Thank you, sir.

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