Bob Holt's BB article

This may be way too picky but Bob refers to the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville basketball team. I know there are quite a few UofA campuses that have popped up over the years but isn’t there one Hog basketball school? UofA grad here so maybe I’m too “stuffy” about this. Good article though and happy to see our team back on track. I hope we make a great showing the rest of the year. Go Hogs!

UALR maybe.

It is entirely possible that that reference was inserted on the copy desk in Little Rock by a UALR graduate. I’m assuming, of course, that the ADG still has copy editors, which would seem to be in short supply there based on what I see on their website.

The ASU folks have always wanted to call UofA “UA-F.” It is a way of making the school less THE school in Arkansas and into A school in Arkansas. I reject any effort to refer to UofA as “UAF.”

If you say “the University of Arkansas” everyone knows you don’t mean UALR or UAM or UAFS.

I made the mistake of reading _ally’s column this morning. It’s about Ole Miss’ NCAA violations, but also mentions OM football wins over, among others, UAF. It appears somebody in Little Rock is now enforcing a style point that the flagship school is to be referred to as UAF.

When we have hosted NCAA events, such as Track Championships, the NCAA refers to us as “University to Arkansas, Fayetteville”

it is in RD’s article on Scotty Thurman too!

"university of Arkansas at fayetteville’s Scotty Thurman " wth??

i have to say that usage is grammatically questionable and linguistically an embarrassment.

is Scotty the university of arkansas’ possesion or fayetteville’s?? why not the state university system’s? does the rest of the university system wish to have no claim to Mr. Thurman? Did RD or the news editor check with the various branches of the university or with the chancellor of the University of Arkansas to clarify if the academic organization at large does or does not claim scotty as an alumnus, employee, and legend?

i think we all know what this petty stylistic aesthetic is all about… trying to take the flag away from the flagship. i for one do not approve on either literary or cultural grounds.

no offense rd, if it was your personal journalistic decision alone, but I am dying to know the justification from whoever made the decision for this horrendous syntax.

Do any of the reporters have a response to this modest question? I’ve seen pretty swift replies in my limited time here to other questions.

We are not UAF!!!

ADHE refers to it as UA,F. That is technically the proper nomenclature.

For things like funding, of course you have to make it clear that money is going to the school in Fayetteville, not in Little Rock, or Fort Smith. That doesn’t mean you refer to the school in the newspapers as “UAF.”

Again, this is an effort by some to make the University of Arkansas A school in Arkansas instead of the school in Arkansas.

Do you see newspaper stories on Nebraska refer to it as the “University of Nebraska-Lincoln”? Not normally. But, that is the OFFICIAL name of the school (I just looked it up). What about the University of Florida? Do you see sports stories that talk about the “University of Florida - Gainsville Gators” No. Alabama? LSU?

I suppose you could be correct. It could be some grand conspiracy by the sports writers to delegitimize the sports program that is primarily responsible for their jobs. They could believe that they have the ability to reduce the stature of the State’s flagship university, who plays in the Nation’s richest conference, who receives tens of millions of dollars in conference revenue, who has total athletic revenue over $100 million by referring to the school by its proper name. They could believe that placing an “F” behind UA’s name or noting that the school is in Fayetteville will spell the end of that dastardly school on the hill. They could believe all this is true, but they don’t.

First, I didn’t make it clear, and that is my fault, I don’t think the sports writers in question are in a conspiracy. However, it is a fact that the idiot fans of ASU have pushed for years to refer to UofA as “UA-F”, for the reason I stated. (I used to be a fan of both schools and spent a lot of time on their board (I guess it still exist, haven’t been there in years). It was their hate of UofA that made me stop being a fan of ASU.)

It could be that who ever is in charge of the issue at the Dem-Gaz is doing it on purpose because he or she is a ASU fan. Are there other explanations? Sure. Would like to here what it is. You have to admit that it isn’t necessary for anyone to understand what school they are talking about and that you don’t see it for LSU, Alabama, Florida, etc.

You’re spot on that the addition isn’t necessary; especially when the article is about the Razorbacks. No argument from me on that.

who’s “the top”

Why do you bother to read that rag. I quit it years ago.

If you disagree with anything about your newspaper, my advice always is to write a letter to the editor. You can do so at

The publisher is Walter Hussman. The managing editor is David Bailey. My guess is the “top” is one of those two.

I don’t believe Bob Holt would do anything to cause issues on purposes! That would not be his intent in my opinion. What should concern all of us is our hogs! Let the powers above us figure it out and appreciate those folks that work hard to bring us the news about our Razorbacks!

Indeed it was clearly not the decision of these sports writers who we appreciate very much. Although the writers may have varying opinions on the matter, they previously stuck with the widely accepted vernacular, appropriate to sports writing. The new phrase stuck out like a sore thumb, immediately obvious in every story beginning sometime this week.

Since I’m sure Walter Hussman and Jeff Jeffus read the letters to the editor just about as often as they read Razorback internet message boards, here is my two cents.

It is truly abhorrent to apply such a petty distinction in stories about The Razorbacks of The University of Arkansas. It’s disgusting to politicize the hogs and divide the fanbase. Name the damn newspaper whatever you want, but it isn’t your school or your team to name, dear powers that be.

The Razorbacks are one of the few uniting forces in the state of Arkansas. In such divisive and contentious political times, it is disgraceful to politicize the name of our university and team.

Woo pig sooie… Beat Auburn University at Auburn, in Auburn.