Bob Holts article

Does bob listen?

In his article one paragraph says Chablis is an option. The very next paragraph quotes Morris that he wants someone with the same energy he has to get up and recruit.

Chablis is only an option is Morris doesn’t get who he wants and has to settle. Not sure why that information is in the article other than Bob hasn’t take the time to find other options and he’s just putting filler in an article that has little new information.

First, his name is spelled Chavis. Second, from all indications we’ve been given, Chavis is the one that Morris is targeting right now for the position.

Yes I know his name. Should have proof read. Although I kinda like Chablis now so I think I’ll stick with it. Regardless, that article is inconsistent. Chablis doesn’t fit the description Morris is looking for and I don’t know why your research points to him. As much if not more points to it not being him.

Here is the full description:

“I want someone that has been well established,” Morris said. “Well proven and has the excitement and energy level and the get up and go that I have.”

Chavis fits the established and proven boxes. Does he lack excitement and energy level? I don’t know, but I doubt you stay around the SEC for a quarter-century if you don’t.

I definitely don’t want some laid back California Chablis sipper as my DC.
Chivas suggests a guy who once had the fire for success but is now sitting back in his easy chair while his eyes slowly roll back into his head. Now Cuervo, that’s they guy I want. That guy’s crazy and probably prone to violence.

Willy Robinson was a California whiskey drinker. Went trout fishing with a .45. Set out yo-yos and took a nap with a flask. I asked why the .45. He said, “When you wake up, there could be a snake nearby. Shoot the dang thing!”

And, yes it does appear that the top target is John “The Chief” Chavis. Bob got it right.

I’ve been sick with the stomach bug for the last three days. Pretty weak, but not so weak that I couldn’t read the board for just a bit.

I would like to see it when someone approaches The Chief and tells him he doesn’t appear to have any fire! That would be an explosion, I’m guessing.

Well California chablis and California whiskey are two different animals Clay. I didn’t even know they made whiskey in California. Why should they when there is such an abundance of crazy cactus juice just across the border. Gotta have a name that conjures up a little fear and uncertainty. Willy’s not bad. More crazy than mean, but definitely better than Chablis or Scotch!

Chavis is an upgrade from what we have had the past 8 years. Chavis has had sucess! It’s a matter of has his fire to compete and coach still burning bright. He has recruited some really good players.
As for Bob’s article at this point anything he right writes will need some filler just to complete the article unless you want a one liner!
I do know this much as fact. I have watched Chavis get fired up. He gets on players and gets them motivated to play.
He is aggressive and knows what it takes to win. He hasn’t forgotten how to coach.

So does this mean we have a defensive Captain Morgan in our future?

LOL! Those Morgan boys are both kind of swashbuckling types aren’t they?

For the record, I’ve never been a chablis guy. And, I tried to type Chavis on my iPhone twice today and chablis comes out. So I get the trouble with the auto correct. Hate it.