Bob holts article

Does bob know Mike has only completed 7 seasons at Arkansas and 16 total? His statistics are misleading and wrong.

I’ve already been to two games at Bud Walton…how can this be the season opener? Did those other games not really happen? That is typical…those are quote"exhibition" games. Why do they call them that? Who started that nonsense? Why not allow teams to play and not call them exhibition games? We don’t have football exhibition games in college. Bob is building up Texas like they are Duke. They were 19-12 last year and their coach is on the hot seat. Texas isn’t any better than us…why is he making excuses in case we get beat?
Tee it up and see who is better. It is not really a home game for Texas, either.

I understand we usually open with a cream puff, but Texas and Arkansas both have a bunch of new players. No excuses…just play.

I think from an experience standpoint TX should be the favorite. They return 3 or 4 starters.
We may be just as talented, but young and untested.
I’m excited to see how they perform.

Texas returns 4 starters and had a Top 10 recruiting class. Texas will win by 10-12 points.

So what? They may win, but they were no powerhouse last year and the coach is on the hot seat. How good can they be? I thought we had a great recruiting year, didn’t we and we have Daniel Gafford. I just don’t like Bob Holt trying to give us an alibi if we get our butts kicked.

I didn’t read the article like that at all. It reads to me that Arkansas is playing a competitive team in the season opener for the first time in 24 years, not that Texas is some kind of world beater.

This! It’s also the thoughts of Vegas and their bettors. TX is a 6 point favorite. If they had looked better in their opener, they would probably be a double digit favorite. I believe I read where we lost 83% of last year’s scoring. If you are KY or Duke, that wouldn’t matter, but for all other teams, that is a big deal.

Personally, I think we have a great shot at winning because I like the make-up of this team, including the newcomers. However, you can’t just throw away how young and inexperienced we are. I’m hoping we come out looking like the 92-93 team, which was also young, but very talented. Until we play the first “real” game, nobody really knows how these young guys will react. Like jimbeau, I’m excited to see this game!

I just read through the article.

What exactly are the mistakes you speak of?

BH not exactly one of my favorites but there is nothing wrong with his write up for tonites game.

Bob knows his beat and knows it very well. He’s not trying to give Arkansas an alibi, because he doesn’t play that game. If anything, he’s heaping more pressure on the Texas coach because with four returning starters, he should be the more experienced team. It will be an accomplishment for the Hogs if they can knock off the 'Horns.