Bob Holt's article on LSU

Intensity increases in rivalry vs LSU

One reason that I like playing LSU is the respect given by both teams, and the fans of both teams, to baseball and its traditions. Mainieri gets it:

[quote]Mainieri said the Tigers are excited about playing at Baum Stadium, too.

“It’s always a great environment,” he said. "We love coming up there.

"The fans are very supportive of their team. They’re not terribly nasty toward our players, which I think is a great thing. I hope our fans are not nasty toward their players.

“They love baseball and they love their team, and that’s a good combination.”


I went to a series in old Alex Box back in 2006.
LSU was struggling a bit then, coached by Smoke Lavelle. Unlike the football crowd there, the fans were way beyond friendly and respectful. LSU still took 2 of 3 from us. But it seems their baseball fans are much more reasonable than the drunken crazies at Tiger Stadium.

Oh absolutely. The LSU fans that I have met in Omaha have been the friendliest and nicest. And they go to Omaha, even when the team doesn’t make it. Plus, I promise that there will be some LSU fans at our tailgate this weekend.

Totally agree. LSUs coach is a good guy also, based on the local kids from our area that have played for him. And my experiences watching Hogs in Alex Box have been good. The fans were good to my kids & fun to be around, unlike Some of the football people I’ve run into at Tiger stadium.

We need to take this series from LSU this weekend. Keep riding the momentum

Here is the audio from my interview with Mainieri this week: … ansas-ser/

Having lived among the LSU fans for 11 years, I find them to be nice folks (apart from the stadium or basketball arena). I think they are great to have at a tailgate but then I love the smell of corn dogs.

:lol: :lol:
There is a certain aroma in the air tonight.

All of this might be so in regards to baseball, but the football fans are among the lowest of lows. Just sad folks. I don’t mean to hammer them so much, but they deserve it. No fans are as poor as LSU football fans.

Oh BTW, we are having corndogs for lunch at our tailgate today.